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Default New Order Of 72 Demons

According to French websites, an additional order of 72 Demons exists, besides the series of 72 Kabbalah Angels and 72 Goetic Demons that we know of. I noticed that many of them are taken from the Demonic Bible.

According to those sites, all those Demons can bring loads of negative stuff and calamities but can be used by magicians for black and red magick work... What do you think? Have you ever heard of them?

1 - Sémiaza : semeur de doute -allegedly causes doubts
2 - Aratak : Indifférence -allegedly makes on indifferent
3 - Kimrah : convoitise -allegedly causes envy
4 - Samane : Echecs professionnels et concours -allegedly causes professional failures
5 - Daniel : Echecs familiaux -allegedly causes family problems
6 - Arédros : Fatigue, maladie (bénigne) -allegedly causes tiredness, benign illnesses
7 - Samiel : désespoir -allegedly causes despair
8 - Akariel : Activités stériles -allegedly causes failures
19 - Chochariel : Rancoeur, vengeance -allegedly causes resentment and revenge
10 - Ezékiel : Déchéance morale -allegedly causes moral corruption
11 - Batriel : Désastres naturels -allegedly causes natural disasters
12 - Sathiel : Mauvais rêves, inquiétudes -allegedly causes bad dreams and a worrisome state of mind
13 - Atriel : divorces -allegedly causes divorce
14 - Tamiel : Injustices, prisons -allegedly causes injustice and incarceration
15 - Barakiel : Vices, fainéantise, incroyance -allegedly causes vices, laziness and lack of faith
16 - Kobabiel : Persécutions -allegedly causes persecutions
17 - Anatnah : Ennemis actifs -allegedly brings active enemies
18 - Thoniel : Calomnies, injustice -allegedly causes calumny and injustice
19 - Ramiel : Adversités, souvenirs inutiles -allegedly causes adversitires and unuseful memories
20 - Aséal : Luxure, reniements -allegedly causes lust and betrayals
21 - Rakéiel : Inquiétude, oppression -allegedly causes worries and opporessions
22 - Touriel : Naufrages professionnels -allegedly causes professional catastrophies
23 - Joumiel : Risques d'accidents -allegedly incites accidents
24 - Oramamé : Exil, persécutions -allegedly causes one to flee one's locations and persecutions
25 - Alcanor : Envoûtements, malédictions -allegedly causes one to be bewitched and cursed
26 - Diralisen : Procès difficiles -allegedly causes tough trials (at the court)
27 - Ergamen : Ennemis puissants; malveillance -allegedly causes powerful enemies and evil attention
28 - Kirik : Incendies -allegedly causes fires and arson
29 - Timirah : Manque de confiance, méfiance -allegedly causes lack of self-esteem and one to be mistrusful
30 - Dramas : Difficultés avec les enfants -allegedly causes problems with kids
31 - Buk : Manque d'opportunité -allegedly causes lack of opportunities
32 - Extéron : Solitude, isolement -allegedly causes solitude and isolation
33 - Amaniel : « Pièges » des méchants -allegedly causes mischievious folks to indulge in tricks and deceits
34 - Raner : Violence; colère dangereuse -allegedly causes violence and dangerous anger
35 - Lamalon : Désir de vengeance -
allegedly causes desires of revenge
36 - Semlin : Pertes d'emplois -allegedly causes one to lose one's job or position
37 - Bubanah : Difficultés durables -allegedly causes persistant ordeals
38 - Ambolin : Difficultés économiques -allegedly causes financial difficulties
39 - Abutés : Difficultés familiales -allegedly causes family problems
40 - Tarès : Tristesse ; écrits malheureux -allegedly causes sadness and sad writings
41 - Amalin : infidélité -allegedly causes one to be unfaithful
42 - Orinel : Malchance -allegedly brings bad luck
43 - Tachan : Inquiétude -allegedly causes worries
44 - Tromès : Voleurs et pertes d'objets -allegedly brings thieves and loss of objects
45 - Nominon : Vanité, orgueil -allegedly causes vanity and pride
46 - Hakamuli : Activités inutiles -allegedly causes vain activities
47 - Borol : Mensonge, actions dans l'ombre -allegedly causes lies and secret deeds
48 - Amatiah : excès -allegedly causes excesses
49 - Onéi : Egoisme, avidité -allegedly causes egotism
50 - Sbarionath : Rancoeur, pessimisme -allegedly causes resentment and one to be pessimistic
51 - Gilarion : Matérialisme excessif -allegedly causes excessive materialism
52 - Bacaron : Désir (stérile) de revanche -
allegedly causes vain and sterile desires of revenge
53 - Abadir : Injustice, mépris du savoir -allegedly causes injustice and disregard for the truth
54 - Omet : Rancune contre l'autorité -allegedly causes resentment against authority
55 - Maggid : Méfiance (non fondée) -allegedly causes unjustified mistrufulness
56 - Igurim : Blocage, immobilité -allegedly causes blocks and immobility
57 - Rax : Luttes injustes - allegedly causes unfair trials
58 - Golem : Morosité, tristesse -allegedly causes morosity and sadness
59 - Halan : Action stérile -allegedly causes vain and sterile actions
60 - Camal : Idées de persécution -allegedly causes paranoïa
61 - Argilon : Inimitiés, méfiance -allegedly causes animosity and mistrustfulness
62 - Aporménos : Agitation, suspicion -allegedly causes one to be upset, agitated and mistrustful
63 - Toxai : Fausses sagesses -allegedly leads one to false wisdoms
64 - Darek : Tendance aux passions -allegedly tempts one into all sorts of passions
65 - Elaphon : Sortilèges, incrédulité -allegedly causes sorcery and lack of faith
66 - Agibol : Violence, culpabilité -allegedly causes violence and feelings of guilt
67 - Gagalim : Manque d'éclairage -allegedly causes lack of light and clarity
68 - Cléraka : Activité inutile, crainte -allegedly cause unuseful activities, worries and fears
69 - Trisaga : Voleur volé -allegedly causes thieves and thefts
70 - Grasémin : Méditation mortuaire -allegedly causes suicidal, dark thoughts and meditations
71 - Elaton : Echec professionnel -allegedly causes professional failures
72- Bahal : Mélange du Bien et du Mal -allegedly causes mixtures of good and evil

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If you come at it from the point of view that all demons/gods/angels were man-invented at some point, much like Servitors that grow in power over time, then there is no reason there can't be 72 more demons...or 418 more...or 1000 more...The original Goetia, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, is missing two demons from the 72...and one is left out, Pruflas I think you pointed out in another thread. So who decides these additions?I feel like someone wanted it to add to 72 (The Shemhamphorasch is composed of 72 groups of three letters, each of these triplets being the name of an angel or intelligence) which in my estimation is fairly arbitrary. As a collection of spirits, there is no reason to expect all the demons to be created equal, or to be limited to a certain predetermined amount of 72 just because certain editors over history thought so.

It's hard to judge the legitmacy of something like this list without knowing the details of a) how they were discovered and more importantly b) evoking and working with them to see if they work, but most magician aren't willing to do b) without knowing a).


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