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Beginner's Magick Forum This is a safe haven for magick and occult newbies. The rest of the forums may bite, but here Izabael will assist with beginner's questions on magick and demonology (daemonology).

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Red X
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Default Daemonic Magick Words

How do you pronounce these words?

Conjuration for Money: Ona´m, PerantÚs, Rasonatos

Conjuration for Seduction: Nades, Suradis, Maniner

Conjuration for Better Health: Retterrem, Salibat, Cratares, Hisater

Conjuration for to Win Contests: Rokes, Pilatus, Zotoas, Tulitas, Xatanitos

Conjuration to Bring Women: Sadar, Prostas, Solaster

Conjuration against Curses: Senapos, Terfita, Estamos, Notarin

Conjuration to Avoid Being Seen: Benatir, Cararaku, Dedos, Etinarmi

Conjuration for Revenge: Osthariman, Visantiparos, Noctatur

Conjuration for Any Desire: Zorami, Zaitux, Elastot

Conjuration to See into Another's Mind: O Tarot, Nizael, Estarnas, Tantarez

Conjuration to Reward Friends: Nista, Saper, Visnos

Conjuration for World Travel: Raditus, Polastrien, Terpandu, Ostrata, Pericatur, Ermas

Conjuration to Learn Secrets: Nitrae, Radou, Sunanadam

Conjuration for Demonic Power: Actatos, Catipta, Bejouran, Itapan, Marnutus.

These are black magick conjuration which are ancient and powerful. It is said to use at least one conjuration a week. This is why I need the pronounciation for some of these spirits.
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Default reply to Daemonic words

Hey Red X ,
Not sure about these words , however, I do recognize one set of them .
The "words" listed for the Conjuration for revenge are actually the names of Spirits . (Osthariman Visantiparos Noctatur).
I have the talisman that goes w/these spirit names & its used as a Hex Breaker.
These talismans come from the Black Screech Owl Grimiore an 18th Century Book of Magic detailing 13th Century Theurgy.
Perhaps the other "words" are spirits as well.
You can also find this information in a booklet titled "Seals of the Sage of the Pyramids".
Hope this helps.
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Thank you for this collection of Demonic words, but how many times does one chant it and how is the ritual done exactly?
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Supposedly, the black screech owl, or "The black pullet" is more of a Talismanic grimoire.

Truth be told I wouldn't trust these... Not any sources or references to previous work, or descriptions of the symbolism/spirits of each word. Its just placing random words down saying they will give you such and such

Glorius art thou, Thine lady behind the Veil of Purity, Queen of the silvered waters, Shining in the heavens as the Celestial Serpent!
Great, is the Goddesses Kebetchet

Hail to thy name, Thy Jackal of the mountain, Seasoned traveller of the Heavens, Prince of the gates and keeper of mine heart, Hail to thou, lord of the true twilight!
Great is the Name, Anpu

Infinite is thine light, She whom cries in the wrath of spirit, Divine justice, lady of the ever burning flame eternal, Beautiful is she of the red deserts, Eternal is her Greatness, Hail to thou, Lady of Justice
Eternally, thou art Sekhmet!

Oh Thou neteru, Mine masters behold that ectasy be induced at the thought of thy names within the heart of thine disciple!
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