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Magick rituals, guides, and lessons A place to post rituals, guides, lessons, and FAQs, by me and anyone else who wants to contribute and start their own threads. Experts in any area of magick are welcome.

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Default The Equilibrating Ritual of the Pentagram

[This is the first of several basic rituals commonly used in ritual magick I will be posting. These versions, while predominately classical, have been altered or streamlined to what I consider the essentials. The main reason for these rituals is so that when I teach magick, I can easily link to a ritual and know exactly what someone is performing. I am also interested in hearing of other people's variations on the classics and how to improve the general ritual templates given here.]

The Equilibrating Ritual of the Pentagram (the “ERP”)

Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth!” –Archimedes.

What is the LBRP?

The LBRP stands for The Lesser Banishing Ritual of Pentagram.

This ritual was developed by the Golden Dawn [more specifically: Most likely worked out as some sort of joint contribution between Mather’s and Wescott, with Mathers in the dominant role] and is based on traditional Hebrew prayers and the writings of Eliphas Levi, a 19th Century French occultist.

Due to its simplicity and efficacy, it has become a centerpiece of practical magick, and most ceremonial magicians use some version of it when performing magick.

What does banishing mean?

Banishing is a common term in magick, which means clearing your space.

However, I’m not happy with his term. The more you practice magick the less accurate and misleading the term “banishing” is. As your magick and perception of the universe grows, you will experience a distinct unity with the universe and cosmos. Therefore when you “banish” something, where does it go? It implies there is some garbage heap out there somewhere you push unwanted energies into, but that is just wrong.

A better word to describe the calming, balancing wave of energy that a good banishing ritual confers is “equilibrating.” A banishing ritual is actually about balancing energies and centering us within our own body.

What is the ERP?

ERP stands for the Equilibrating Ritual of the Pentagram

The ERP is the version of the LBRP I am going to give in this book. It is streamlined, pared down to the essentials of what is necessary for fluidity, safety, and practical results.

[And includes Analysis of Keywords section from the Golden Dawn Ritual called the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. This invokes your holiest and highest aspects into your consciousness.]

Why do the ERP?

This ritual is the minimum requirement for any magickal progress with this book. You will perform it before doing any practical magickal whatsoever.

If you continue the path of magick you will use it regularly your whole life (even if you eventually modify it to your own tastes and style). I have been practicing some version of it for twenty-one years.

To understand the power and sublimity of the ERP you would ideally practice it for a minimum of one year. It was a traditional requirement of the Golden Dawn that a student practice the LBRP for one year before they could move on to other magick. However, I believe one month of daily practice is sufficient to begin working with the rest of the magick in this book.

Here are some of the things regular use of the ERP has to offer:

1) It is the basis for all magickal work, including love and wealth magick. No practical magick given in this book can be done without first learning and being comfortable with the ERP.
2) As you straighten up your temple for a physical space to do magick, so does the ERP clear you emotionally and mentally for magick.
3) The more you practice the ERP, the more you define a sacred and spiritual space within your temple. Your magick will then become more potent and easier to perform.
4) It will center you in the world. This aspect alone can change your whole life. It will teach you to look inward for balance and centeredness. You will not rely on others to feel good. This breeds independence and self-confidence. Your self-esteem will shoot through the roof.
5) The ERP builds character and discipline. To boldly stand in your bedroom, now turned temple, with a few candles and maybe some incense, and chant “funny words” while drawing “astral shapes” in the air requires a fair bit of determination and the ability to step outside your comfort zone.
6) It can remove the stress and negativity of a “bad day.” With all your negativity regularly stripped away by the ERP, you will more naturally attract what you want into your life.
7) It will help you create a “default state” of centeredness and joy that will stay with you during your days and nights even when not performing the ritual. This will increase your sense of wellbeing in even the most chaotic and stressful of times.
8) It’s one of the best preventive measures against media and social brainwashing that you can perform. Learn to live life on your own terms, and not be dictated to by the world around you.
9) It will increase your visualization abilities, which becomes quite handy in magick.
10) You have to start the path of magick somewhere. This is it.

Can I really do this?

This single ritual will weed out the dabblers from the practitioners. Few will try to learn, and those who try often get frustrated and give up. In this book, I hope to inspire you to want to learn, and make it easy to do so.

I’m here to tell you right now that doubts and frustrations are a natural part of learning magick. I get it. I was there myself. My first few years of magick I learned through books only, and many times I was filled with embarrassment, frustration, and sometimes even downright contempt for myself and the idea of doing something as “silly” as magick.

Some tips that will help you through learning the ERP, and all other magickal rituals in this book:

1) Acquire a trust in a “higher power” whether you call it “God,” the “universal consciousness” or merely your “subconscious mind.” Why? Otherwise you are going to put way too much weight on your own shoulders. Doing magick is about doing your very best, but at some point you have to let go and trust that your actions are working on a deeper level than the conscious mind. A trust in something higher makes it easier to let go of your worries and will allow you act with more confidence and fluidity because you won’t put so much pressure on yourself.
2) Let go of your mistakes. If you make a mistake, don’t stop and analyze it. Either forget about the mistake and move on, or you can calmly correct it and move on. If you “completely bungle” a ritual you can start from the beginning, but I suggest you always finish off whatever ritual you start even if it has many mistakes. Forward momentum is healthier and keeps you from obsessing over every detail of the ritual, wondering if you did it perfectly. Your magick does not have to perfect to work. In fact, your magick will never be perfect. That is just the ideal we strive for. The most important quality to have is sincerity that you are doing your best. That’s it!
3) Patience. It will take time to get comfortable with any new ritual. The first dozen times may feel awkward. Don’t worry about. Always pat yourself on the back after you are done--even if you felt it didn’t go as well as it could have.
4) Practice regularly, but never to the point of burnout or exhaustion.
5) Trust your own sense of style. No person’s rituals are exactly like any other’s. All rituals have “spaces between the cracks” in the instructions. Trust yourself to fill in any missing spaces in rituals, in this book and any other book on magick, as you see fit. Learn to trust your own intuition over what is printed in any book. If you feel you need to add little touches to the ritual, such as blowing a kiss to each cardinal direction, then by all means do so. Don’t let your rituals stagnate. Let them evolve with your personality.
6) Have fun! Magick should be treated with respect, but that does not mean excessive solemness. You can laugh during rituals. You can smile. You can dance around the circle instead of walk. Be as lighthearted as you want and express your joy in your rituals as you see fit.

What do I need to perform this ritual?

The only thing you need to perform this ritual is a small, clear space to work in.

Optional items:

Candles, to make the room more atmospheric.

Incense. For now, any will do. [I recommend Nuit’s incense: Walk around your neighbhoord, looking at trees. You’ll notice occasionally that some tree’s are leaking sap. Gently scrape off the sap into a container and take it home and light it.]

A dagger, which you can use instead of your finger. Any dagger will do so long as it has never been used to kill anything and will not be used again for any other purpose than magick. Run it under cold water for 5-10 minutes to purify it before its first use.

“What should I wear?”
Nude or simple a robe is traditional, but use your imagination if you like. If you do wear clothing, make sure it will not be used again for any other purpose than magick.

“How do I decorate my temple?”

As you see fit. There are books like Crowley’s Magick, and the Golden Dawn that have extremely elaborate ways to construct your temple, but this is not necessary. You may add to the walls or ceiling of your temple with whatever empowers you. You may bring any objects you hold in deep reverence into your temple. You may use something as an altar for the center of the room--or not. These things will develop naturally as you get more into magick and learn more about what does and does not turn you on spiritually speaking.

One specific thing to get you started that can help a room feel like a temple right away is the four “flashing” banners of the elements. See Appendix IX..

“Help! I have no place to practice!”

Everyone has a place to practice! Even if you cannot devote an entire room to your temple, you can use your bedroom, or even a bathroom if that’s the only place you can get some peace. Also there is no reason you can’t practice outside at a park, a backyard, or elsewhere in nature. Just make sure you feel comfortable and won’t be interrupted for the duration of the ritual.

The Equilibrating Ritual of the Pentagram

Relax for 5 minutes as you’ve learned from the Receptive as a Cup ritual.

I. Qabalistic Cross

Face East.

Touch your forehead (with finger or dagger) and chant Ah-TAH.

Point downward in front of your groin area and chant Mal-KUTH.

Touch your right shoulder and chant Ve-GEBURAH.

Touch your left shoulder and chant Ve-GEDULAH.

Clasp your hands together over your breast (and if using a dagger it should be pointing upward) and chant “Lay-OLAM. Amen.”

[The Hebrew means “Thou art the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever and ever. Amen.”]

II. Drawing and charging of the pentagrams
Step 1. Still facing East, move forward to the edge of your circle (if you are in a cramped space, simply stay in the center .)

Draw a pentagram in the air. You may see it or feel it but that is not important. Just “know” that it is there, perfectly drawn and glowing brightly with energy.

Charge the Pentagram with “Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh.”

What does the “charge the pentagram” mean?

Here are detailed instructions for charging a pentagram. Each of the four pentagrams are done the same way—only the God name will change for each:

1) After you draw the pentagram, stand calmly before it.
2) Exhale completely.
3) Put your hands into the pentagram.
4) Slowly inhale, pulling your hands up to the area of your head as you do so. (Usually hands are separated, but there is no reason they couldn’t be clasped together. Remember what I said about filling in the little “missing” details as you see fit.)
5) When you have completely inhaled, take a step forward, and thrust your hands into the pentagram while chanting the Goddname (in this case, it’s Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh. The next pentagram is Adonai, etc.) Use your entire exhalation to chant the God name.
6) Bring your foot back (I didn’t say left or right foot, so again, that is up to you. I hate to beat a dead horse on this, but so many magick books make it seem scary to fill in these little gaps on your own, and I’m here to tell you it’s fine and necessary.)
7) Bring a hand to your lips, and before you breathe in again, make the “Sign of Silence.” This simply means putting your forefinger to your lips in the “Shhh” sign, but don’t actually say “shhh.” Alternatively you can do this with your thumb, which is called “The Sign of Harpocrates.”
8) Know that your pentagram is now duly charged.

Optional visualization: The most important thing is to concentrate on the steps just given. Don’t even bother with the extra visualizations until you really want to:

On your complete inhalation, visualize energy (of any color, or all-colors) flowing down into your lungs. Be aware of the God name in question, and know that the name has already infused this energy with its power.

Imagine this energy flowing down your body and into your legs, spiraling down into the red hot core of the Earth itself. Once it hits the center of the Earth, you may pause for just a moment.

Then feel the energy rebound fiercely upward, flying up through the Earth, back into your body, and then out of your outstretched hands. This energy bursts through the pentagram, charging it, and continues out to the ends of the universe as far as you can imagine.

Make the Sign of Silence, understanding that this final simple action is essential, as it perfectly seals the charging.

Step 2: Point at the center of the pentagram, and “draw” a line in the air as you move to the South end of your circle. (If you are in a tight space, just rotate your body)

Draw another pentagram, and charge it as above, but this time with the God name AH-DOH-NAI.

Step 3:

Point to the center of your pentagram and continue a line around to the West. Draw another pentagram and charge it with the name: EH-HEH-YEH.

Step 4:

Point to the center of your pentagram and continue the line to the North. Draw the pentagram and charge it with: AH-GLAA.

Step 5:

Point your dagger or finger to the center of your pentagram and draw a line around to the East, thus completing your circle.

III. Invocation of Archangels

Step 1: Move back in the center of your circle, facing East. Stand with your legs together and your arms straight out to the side (in the form of a cross).

Step 2: Chant the following to your own style, but I highly suggest you save nearly full exhalations for the archangel names (in all CAPITALS, with suggested pronunciation in parenthesis).

“Before me, RAPHAEL (RAA-FAI-EL)
On my right hand: MICHAEL (MEE-KAI-EL)
And on my left hand: AURIEL (ORR-I-EL)

Step 3:[/COLOR] Chant, or roar with conviction:

“For about me flames the pentagram…”
[Imagine a pentagram flaming around your body]
“And within me shines the six and seven rayed stars.”

Within your chest imagine one of these two six-pointed stars: (Both types of hexagrams are acceptable in magick.)

Within your forehead, imagine this star:

(Don’t worry about keeping a perfectly clear imagine of these stars in your imagination. Just know that each one is in the right spot and leave it at that. If you are lucky enough to really see them in your mind’s eye, then you can make them as bright as you like and you may choose your own colors.)

Optional visualizations: Add these visualizations only when you feel you ready. There is no hurry. They should add an enjoyable dimension to your ritual, not overwhelm it.

When calling upon the archangels you may visualize them in each of their appropriate quarters:

Raphael is archangel of Air (and of Tiphareth). He carries a caduceus [ ] and the wind blows his yellow and purple robes.

Gabriel is the archangel of Water (and Yesod). You may turn and look over your shoulder behind you to see him holding a large, overflowing cup of ambrosia. He wears blue robes, highlighted with orange and may seen standing upon a large body of water.

Michael wears fiery red garments edged with green. As your “right hand man”, his eyes are alight with God’s glory, and he stands holding a large, flaming sword.

Aurial is silent and peaceful as he holds sheaths of wheat and other grains within his arms.

IV. Qabalistic Cross

Repeat Qabalistic Cross as given in part I.

V. Drawing down the LVX
[In Latin "U" is written as a "V." "Lux" means "Light".]

Step 1: Stand in the center of your circle, arms outstretched in the Sign of Osiris Slain.

Step 2: Chant: “I. N. R. I.” [INRI is an acronym of the Latin inscription IESVS∑NAZARENVS∑REX∑IVD∆ORVM. In magick, we consider all “dying/rebirth” gods to be of the same formula. This includes Jesus, Osiris, Krishna, etc.]

Step 3: Then chant and draw at the same time, from right to left:

(Remember, read right to left for Hebrew. So while it looks like this in the air, you would chant it: YOD, NUN, RAISH, YUD, while drawing from right to left.]

Step 4: Put your arms back out and say, “The Sign of Osiris Slain”

Step 5: Make the “L” sign (your right arm straight up, and your left arm straight out to the side) and say, “L. The sign of the Mourning of Isis.” (By “L.” I mean say the actual name for the letter, i.e. “el” The same goes for “V’ say “vee” and “x” say “ecks”)

Step 6: Make the “V”, both arms angled upward sign, and say “V. The Sign of Tyhpon and Apophis.”

Step 7: Make the X sign, arms crossed over chest, and say “X. The sign of Osiris Risen.”

Step 8: Say, “L” and make the proper sign.
Step 9: Say, “V” and make the proper sign.
Step 10: Say, “X” and make the poper sign.

Step 11: Still in the “X” pose, say, “LVX.[ (This is usually pronounced like "u" sound in “lute” therefore “Loox” But if you like saying “lux” as rhymes with “bucks” it’s fine also.] The Light of the Cross.”

Step 12: Stand in the sign of Osiris Slain, and say, slowly, powerfully:

“virgo. Isis. Mighty Mother.”

“Scorpio. Apophis. Destroyer.”

“Sol. Osiris. Slain and Risen.”

Step 13: Start slowly raising your hands up into the air.

Say or chant: “Isis. Apophis. Osiris.”

Step 14: By now your arms should be pointed directly upward overhead,

Chant: “IAO.” (Eeeee, Ahhhh, Ohhhh)

Step 15: When you feel the energy has peaked, Thrust your hands downwards towards the ground, and imagine the pure, white energy of Kether (i.e. God) coming down and infusing you and your entire Temple room with holy and divine presence.

Say, “May the divine light descend.”

VI. Qabalistic Cross

Repeat Qabalistic Cross as given in part I.

VII. You are done!

Now you would meditate, start a practical working, or just get back to your regularly scheduled day. Don’t worry if you did it perfectly. If you finished it and did you best, that is enough. Congratulate yourself.

Now for some frequently asked questions on the ERP:

I feel stupid! Help!

Most likely you will feel a little awkward or silly the first couple times you perform the ritual. That’s normal. Shrug or laugh it off and move on. Soon your will be performing the ERP with joyful equanimity.

Do I have to be loud when I do the ERP?

You should preferably do all your rituals in your most powerful chanting voice, but if you have to work in secret, you can chant more quietly or use what is called “The Great Voice.” This is a fancy term for “chanting silently under your breath.”

If you use the Great Voice regularly, make sure that occasionally go somewhere where you can really belt out the chants and feel their vibrations—so you can recall that feeling when utilizing the Great Voice.

What does “vibrate” mean?

“Vibrating” is chanting a word or phrase with a full exhalation and at a pitch that seems to “vibrate” the air. I prefer the word “chant” as it is more suggestive to most people than the word “vibrate” and is more conducive to students defining their own chanting or “vibratory” style.

Just chant your rituals at a pitch and tempo you feel is most powerful and comfortable to you, and use a full breath whenever I point it out as necessary--that is all you need. I only mention the word “vibrate” since it comes up in other magickal books and you should be familiar with what magicians mean by it.

What should I do if my visualization skills are extremely poor?
This isn’t a big deal. Like I said, just imagine they are around you. If you see them you see them, if you are just “pretending” they are there, that is just fine too. Pretending is close to being as far as astral work is concerned.

but you will find that visualizations happen quite naturally if you can just concentrate on the ritual. So the key is really concentration on what you are doing rather than deliberate visualizations.

What if I can’t concentrate through the entire ritual?

No one has perfect concentration. Your mind will wander. Just bring your attention back to what you are doing and keep going.

If you are neurotic or have obsessive thoughts about if you are doing it right or “screwing it up”, just let them arise and keep focusing on the ritual. You will never completely be rid of this “monkey-mind” so focus as best you can and don’t try to battle your mind; let it say or think whatever it wants while you focus on the ritual as best you can.

So what’s going on in this ritual anyway?

In simplest terms, you are balancing yourself out with the four elements, Fire, Wate,r Air, and Earth, and then drawing down the fifth element of Spirit into your presence.

Daily ERP

Learn the ERP as given in this chapter. Practice it once or twice a day. You should notice feeling more centered from it almost immediately, but full effects will continue to grow for months, even years.

You will need this ritual down pat for all the practical work in this book. So learn it now and learn it well. Perform it with joy and dignity. And don’t beat yourself over if you’ve done it “good enough” or not. Just do your best each time, and you will evolve naturally into your own magickal groove.

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"Banish Naught, but All Re-Align.

For in Perfect Alignment unto I all things become Good, such is the Artifice of this Benediction."

This Andrew Cumbley quote seemed good here. "Banishing" is ultimately the wrong idea of things. Chumbley gets that completely.

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May I cut and paste this into my myspace?

"I came, I saw - that kicked ass."
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Originally Posted by Izabael DaJinn View Post
"Banish Naught, but All Re-Align.

For in Perfect Alignment unto I all things become Good, such is the Artifice of this Benediction."

"Banishing" is ultimately the wrong idea of things. Chumbley gets that completely.
"Those who regard this [pentagram] ritual as a mere device to invoke or banish spirits, are unworthy to possess it. Properly understood, it is the Medicine of Metals and the Stone of the Wise."

These Crowley quotes don't quite totally capture what you're saying 100% with your post but the end of that first one certainly does, while the second one below gives notice of yet more veiled importance with the tree of life in mind. Personally I also recommend to picture or feel the ground as black if possible, and at the least to make sure that the archangels feet are touching the ground in their respective quarters in your visualization process which really helps to ground you.

Personally in my experience such a ritual "merely" raises the vibe of the room to balance it or neutralizes all Earthly influences, depending on how you want to look at the process. The archangels strengthen and balance their associated sephiroth as well as teaching the basics of evocation by default of practice. This is not to fail to mention how frequent practice also provides something like the Thelemic realization that we in fact are the pentagram, a microcosm, and that these angels are in fact a part of us.

"For the "Flaming Sword" is the "Pentagram unwound." (following the lightning flash's path of creation from kether descending unto malkuth)

Awesome diagrams, by the way.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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One more thing that may help the prospective student is to first research the Archangels. This is pretty much always the start of any working of evocation or invocation. It would almost be counterproductive to call upon a spirit you know little about. Become familiar with them, their stories, and their individual details. Success pretty much always starts with preparatory immersion of some sort before any ritual in my experience, and in the experiences of others that I know.

After suitably immersing yourself with them on an intellectual level at the least, we're next going to use an abridged format of Koetting's simple sigil magick to help us out in speeding up certain aspects of our results. For the whole sigil magick working you ought to track down the proper books (PM me), yet, for such a simple purpose, this written right here will suffice it enough.

So go ahead and make and color sigils of the archangels on circles of parchment you've cut out. You can go to images.google.com to find the sigils you need. When all four are ready you can begin the actual project at hand.

To sum up the process in two parts, you will be staring into these sigils, one sigil per day, one day per archangel, and doing this process with an empty mind first, and then when you settle into your effort begin to do it with a held and charged intent until the sigils just "flash" a color, or the drawn lines disappear and reappear, or other seeming illusions that occur from not blinking. This phenomena occurring means that the archangel is aware of your intentions at that time and is then focusing back toward you. Once at this stage hold your visualization for a bit longer until the image or feeling of your intent begins to fade no matter how hard you try to focus upon it. Noticing this event, then state aloud your intent to invite the energies of the archangel into your life to aide you, etc. Fold the sigil in half (ink inside), and put it away for now. That's it in a proverbial nutshell.

So, in slightly more detail: grab your freshly made and colored sigil, draw a blue fiery circle around yourself on the ground (or know it's there), on the alter if possible trace your sigil with a knife or your finger and then trace a sealing circle around the edges of said sigil, seeing the lines glow wherever you have traced them. Now focus on the sigil in no particular spot by staring "through it" rather than at it, and begin to clear your mind as you do this. When you begin to enter into an open eyed trance like unto dhyana, then remain staring but now begin to hold in mind the desire to commune with the archangel. This desire I've spoken of will be kept in your mind's eye as a summed-up visualized image of the angel's light that is wrapped around your imagined body and aura (see below for color suggestions). Now ... you don't need to clearly see this image of yourself, feeling it and believing in it's reality and knowing that it's you is enough.

After a short period of time this visual you are seeing with split focus will then automatically seem to begin to be pulled through your third eye (experienced as tension in the forehead), and toward the sigil you are gazing into. Instead of this you might merely have an easier time doing focusing on both things at once, etc. Hold the image until you can't hold onto it any longer. Speak to the angel your desire to know him or her. Put the folded sigil away until all four have been made and consecrated. This process is not as hard as it sounds though it is strenuous so do one per day only.

The next and final step is to tape these sigils one by one on the walls in the four respective quarters of your temple and to leave them there pouring out their energy until they begin to wane in strength eventually in a significant period of time. It will become much easier, reaching the archangels in my experience, since you'll be intimately familiar with their individual energies by that point. You can LBRP now and experience much more certainty when you do so.

(Some colors for the bubbles of energy visualization:
Raphael: Airy Yellow or Gold, Gabriel: Watery Blue or Violet-Purple, Michael: Fiery red or Orange, Auriel: Earthy Black or Emerald-Green)

Hopefully this will be of help...

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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which version of the archangel sigils should I use? There's the elaborate circular seals from the Armadel

and this more basic, linear sigil.

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Hello. Whichever sigil you use, you will get what you want. What you get might just be slightly different or it may be markedly different than another sigil's presented aspect of that same complex entity. If you want further advice then it would be to do as I have done, and to use those sigils which you can find may speak to you from the pool of whatever sigils you find that are available to be copied. Divination may be needed by you if you can't feel which ones you better connect with, etc.

On a practical note, the referencing of these charged sigils on the walls for a while during LBRP really helped me have a focal point for the angels, the same way that a consecrated taped circle helps by relation. Beyond that I have to reiterate to anyone else that becoming intimate with these energy signatures one by one before hand also helps a lot by immersion. As with any spirit you wish to call up, if you want to trace their sigil many times with intent and try to memorize it if possible, then you will be rewarded with a better connection at the time of your sigil-talisman consecration.
Originally Posted by Archer View Post

which version of the archangel sigils should I use? There's the elaborate circular seals from the Armadel

and this more basic, linear sigil.


"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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I found this Satanic version of the LBRP.

What do you think? It achieves the same purpose, banishing? It banishes the same way? Mmm...
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What are the precise pronunciations for all the God names? I only really think I've got the Archangel ones off the top of my head.

Also, does it matter much if I find a convenient point to pause and peek over the instructions again, or just memorize it in parts?
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What are the precise pronunciations for all the God names?
If you look at the steps under Charging the Pentagrams, you will find them there. Here is the summary


convenient point to pause and peek over the instructions again
That would be fine. Some rituals, I still have my notes onaI clipboard that I refer to as I do the ritual.



I believe in one secret and ineffable LORD; and in one Star in the Company of Stars of whose fire we are created, and to which we shall return; and in one Father of Life, Mystery of Mystery, in His name CHAOS, the sole viceregent of the Sun upon the Earth; and in one Air the nourisher of all that breathes.

And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON.
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lbrp, lesser banishing ritual

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