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Default Any one into Toltec sorcery / shamanism?

Sometimes I think about dropping all the eastern / western stuff and go to the shamanist / sorcery path, the most advanced literature I've read is from the voltec order and although I find it quite extreme to sleep inside a coffin, most of the other teachings appears quite good.
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More extreme the better...

Glorius art thou, Thine lady behind the Veil of Purity, Queen of the silvered waters, Shining in the heavens as the Celestial Serpent!
Great, is the Goddesses Kebetchet

Hail to thy name, Thy Jackal of the mountain, Seasoned traveller of the Heavens, Prince of the gates and keeper of mine heart, Hail to thou, lord of the true twilight!
Great is the Name, Anpu

Infinite is thine light, She whom cries in the wrath of spirit, Divine justice, lady of the ever burning flame eternal, Beautiful is she of the red deserts, Eternal is her Greatness, Hail to thou, Lady of Justice
Eternally, thou art Sekhmet!

Oh Thou neteru, Mine masters behold that ectasy be induced at the thought of thy names within the heart of thine disciple!
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Originally Posted by flamenco View Post
Sometimes I think about dropping all the eastern / western stuff and go to the shamanist / sorcery path, the most advanced literature I've read is from the voltec order and although I find it quite extreme to sleep inside a coffin, most of the other teachings appears quite good.
Well, you could do it above ground in a box you make yourself, or even a closet if you are just testing the waters. The preparations you do before you lock yourself away is equally important in this type of Toltec practice (which I assume is what you meant).

Just get a few good books (I don't think there are too many really) and then research heavily online. Unless you find a legitimate shaman (good luck), you will end up self-initiating...which is frustrating because traditional shamanism was taught in person only. So you end up doing some sort of urban-shamanism which can be powerful, but isn't necessarily anything related to ancient Toltec practices in my personal opinion. It's all filtered and westernized.


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Default The practice of sorcery.....

When I first understood or saw by my own will, causing reality to conforf m to the will, or act of magick, and gaining a recognition of measurable results. I remember it was about the time in my life when I was being approache d and tau sght by, what I now consider based on other studies as being the Holy Guardian Angel, and what it is I feel he represents to an act of magick and the strength of that intent. To be a sorcerer ,you strive to be more amoral. You dont take sides when gathering results specifically when events bring your intent to fruition.
During my studies throughout my path, I couldnt find anything on the wiccn path that fit completely right, I think it was the representation of imbalance, love and light is a wonderful doctrine, and has alot of benefits, but so does the opposite of that. Cant have one without the other. To see that is to be truley balanced and centered, not that I have become dark and LHP or any title or box some may want to put it in, I see it as freedom from having to choose morally what the universe might consider morally, when that and how the universe works to bring about my will, is not of my concern, for it is what the universe has done, not me specifically, so how am karmanically responsible. The universe does not take sides and neither does magick. For magick just is, taking the path on its own accord.
I give alot of credit, to the factions and students of the chaos magick current. The s, cientific understanding of sorcery is well represented by writer like Phil Hine,Peter Carrol, and one good read was Nick Hail, Chaos and sorcery. Sorcery is the act of causing reality to conform by will and belief by themselves. If you can map it internaly , you will bring it about. I ama a very tolerable, but internally tightly wound person, always.studying always learning more. I went to the wiccans first, but that didnt fit. It did some, but not everything is rose colored sunglasses either. A sorcerer understands and uses both the chaos and order of things to bring about their will or intent. I feel a sorcerer is a balanced place to be. To follow the order or feminine, aspect of things isnt balance, and a female can also be as vindictive and protective as a male, can but noone seems to want discuss that. But none the less, sorcery isnt for faint of hearted, try and see it a little bigger, not so narrow.

It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step—crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple.

Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole law..

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