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Default magick & an unborn child

I am new here and new to magick, in general. I haven't practiced anything yet other than going to a few rituals and done lots and lots of reading. I'm beginning to get more and more into magick because the guy I'm seeing (or was seeing) practices several kinds of magick.

I do have a large concern developing, though. We recently had a falling out after we learned I am pregnant after hardly beginning a relationship. I don't know if my concern is completely unfounded or not - I hope that's the case, but one can never be too sure.

Anyway, he doesn't want me to have it. We got into a pretty heavy fight in which he basically screamed at me his desires for me to have an abortion - which I refuse to do.

My question is - is there any magick he can do to harm my unborn child? I've looked around the internet and see there's magick you can do on an unborn child, so it makes sense that something harmful could be done as well.

If so, what kind? How serious are we talking? & Is there anything I can do to protect myself and my baby from that kind of magick??? This is very important to me and has been really weighing on my mind. I'm hoping he's not the kind of person that would do something like this, but I get mixed feelings about what kind of person he is. He seems like he could be vindictive and has openly admitted to using magick on people he's dated in the past.

Please share if you have any words of wisdom or advice.
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This sounds like a horrible situation and I guess you don't need to be told that bringing up a child on your own is hard. Assuming you have made all the other tough decisions first then can I firstly recommend a divination before any sort of other action? Also, it seems that spirits, if you attempt this route, would still prefer that you try more conventional fixes first.
I pick up that there has not been a lot of talking between you guys? Do you have mutual friends or other figures who could act as counsellors or advisors? I would try talking first but the New Avatar Power book seems to have good protection rituals if the talking fails. But check outcomes with divination first. All the best!
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black magick, magick, protection, relationships, unborn baby

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