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Magick rituals, guides, and lessons A place to post rituals, guides, lessons, and FAQs, by me and anyone else who wants to contribute and start their own threads. Experts in any area of magick are welcome.

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Default HowTo: Protect Your Temple With Simple Sigil Magick

Protect Your Temple With Hekate's Familiars

Hey writing friends. I think I have something which will help you all to gain protection from wandering spirits we attract in our daily practices, as well as more sinister pests. Here is something which in the end converted my former friend, an open-minded skeptic into a full on believer, pushing him over the edge entirely, so visceral and immediately effective is this potent brand of Koetting-inspired sigil magick you are reading of. This may also be applied to entire houses, or individual rooms therein. The sigil itself I took from a book in a local Borders. Enjoy...

What you will need to work this:
000. Picture of Hekate
00. Sharp scissors
0. Parchment paper if possible
1. Black Ink or your own blood
2. A lancet and feather or some other item to inscribe with own blood if need be
3. Incense: Jasmine works, or night-blooming Lily.
4. Ruler
5. Tape
6. Hekate's Wheel sigil design (see below)

Do this:
0. Prepare your temple by tidying it as you would for meeting a noble guest or your parents or someone who's opinion you actually care about.
1. Set up with a minimal alter. Two black candles on each side (or white if you have to), incense in the front. The sigil goes in the middle with the face-side down. Chalice on the left. Dagger on the right. Candles on the outside.
2. Cleanse and consecrate the temple, open it, and perform whichever banishing and empowering rituals have worked for you until then. Your circle duly consecrated, take your place within the center of it seated before the alter be it a cardboard box even. Face it West, or opposite the largest window in the room.
3. Contact Hekate by active meditation upon your chosen image or simply reciting some hymn to her energy signature in an act of invitation.
4. When contact is made, or after ten minutes, whichever's first, turn over the sigil and trace it's design with your dagger tip, leaving a trail of light wherever you've touched, being sure to be using intent as you do so and not merely rubbing the sigil-amulet in vain. Seal your sigil within infinity by making a circle around it.
5. Focus on you breathing and clear your mind. When you are focused on the breath enough to be considered relaxed and cleared you may begin.
6. Gaze into the sigil and begin to merge with it in a trance like any object of meditation. Continue to focus on your breath until this trance stabilizes yet again like with your breathing. Soak in the entire sigil with a clear mind in a trance state. Try not to blink. In a trance your need to blink will be reduced severely.
7. When the trance has indeed stabilized then go ahead and begin to picture Hekate's familiars as black shadow forms filling up your temple or house from wall to wall like a black shimmering translucence in your minds eye. Know this is not a visualization but is actually happening. They will have a powerful and pure but protective energy. Continue staring into the sigil as you do so, splitting your concentration 50/50 between sigil and intent.
8. Force your visualization through your third eye into the sigil itself, filling it with the energy of your desire. Keep doing this until the sigil flashes a color, or until the lines begin to disappear and reappear completely, or until in your trance it becomes easy to maintain your gaze and the visualization in your mind suddenly. That is your cue that Hekate is aware of your intent and waiting to hear what you need and for your will to be sealed as follows soon in the process.
9. Hold your visualization and make it bigger and brighter and more real at this point until the visual begins to fade no matter how hard you try to hold onto it. Feel Hekate's angels swarming around your circle aware of you and guarding every angle of your abode. This disappearance of the vision shouldn't take long once the sigil is opened properly.
10. Say into the charged sigil you are still looking at in a commanding but respectful voice:
"Lady Hekate, Queen of Night, Guide and Savior, Queen of Ghosts, Master of Demons, O Triple-Form Goddess of the Crossroad, and Guardian of Doorways, Most Mysterious Goddess that is truly maiden and not crone, I say to you who art all that and more, that by the powers of darkness, I, <motto here>, command the universe that you will hear my voice, and see my signs, and will then lend me the strength and vigilance of your familiars now for the purpose of protecting by violent force this temple/home in all angles, directions and dimensions, from all uninvited entities, energies, thoughtforms, and presences, so that which I have named and I desire may come to pass. Let your familiars use this sigil as their base of manifestation; their shell and anchor in this reality. I move you to go forth and make it so, Goddess Hekate, as it is within the reach of your power, and as it is also my will, then so let it come to pass, and be renewed by the candle of blood I will offer unto you each and every month for the purpose of the continuance of this pact and so as to be proper fuel for your servants, to be offered upon the first of each month so long as this amulet remains posted above my door. Hekate Soteira; let my will be done. So mote it be."
Feel free to improvise accordingly along the way, such as with using spearmint oil instead of your own blood if you've an aversion to blood. One may also cut out the pact entirely but eventually the sigil will wane completely and be useless. Memorizing this above statement of intent word for word would be weaker than finding and remembering key points and then paraphrasing.
11. License to depart.
12. Tape the sigil onto your door frame above the door. Reflect on the feeling of protection in your home, and go on with your life. For best results try to remember to burn a candle with blood from your finger to her once a month and to ask then for the renewal of your protection and connection, etc.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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p.s. You can hold paper over the screen, trace the sigil, and then with a ruler and sharpee simply color the lines in boldly. Then it's as simple as making a square around it with that same ruler and cutting it out. Done.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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So, to protect the entire house the consecrated sigil must be placed at the entrance door and it's all set? I'm liking what the tarot has been telling me about working with hekate.
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From Jason Millers book right?

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