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Default Looking for a specific book


I used to have a really big occult book collection in my computer, but I decided to get rid of it a while ago for pretty stupid reasons. Now that I've seen I really can't just ignore my interest in the occult because it's always here, I find myself in need of a book whose author's name I can't really remember.

I remember the book was a really great Grimoire, the index was not unlike Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig.

It started with a story about a woman who needed to come into some money, so she asked for a man's help and they performed a sex ritual. This was really detailed. After a while, it worked.

The book had a lot of info about talismans, which is kind of my main interest in the book.

I know this is really vague, but does anyone know what book this is?

Thank you.

P.S. I've literally been going nuts looking for this book so in any case, if anyone can suggest a good book about talismans, I would greatly appreciate it.

This specific book had a little bit of everything, hence its interest, but just talismans would be nice!
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Djinn and juice
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I don't the book you're talking about, but "Making Talismans: Living entities of power" by Nick Farrell, is a great book.
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Thank you, I'll definitely take a good look at it
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