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Sex, Drugs, and Magick Lions & eagles, romance & elixirs, submission & control, blood & ecstasy, solvents & coagulants, serenity & loss of a personal soul....

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Default LSA: annihlate your brain, free your soul, seek revelation.

LSA. plain lysergic acid amides as opposed to lyseric acid diethylamides. found in morning glory and hawaiin baby wood rose seeds.

though they are very similar, they are also different. LSA is not so much a visual trip as almost a completely psychological one. it has been used by natives in spiritual rituals, and it has a purgative effect, as it induces vomiting and yet leads to great good feelings of health the following days. the effects are also malleable; whereareas LSD overwhelms and controls certain aspects of the mind, LSA opens up certain parts, so to speak, and several aspects of the experience are actually not apparent unless one focuses on them, in which case they may become as powerful as one wishes.

Although the average recreational dose with HBW seeds is 8-10, i find that the best way to use it as a means of the spirit quest is to do 50. note that this will definitely NOT seem very 'recreational' at some points. one simply grinds the seeds, (available for 18 dollars for a 50 online), dumps powder into a empty water bottle. cover with lemon juice so it sloshes. let it sit for a day in the fridge. fill the bottle rest of the way with orange juice, and shake periodically for a day or two. during the soaking out of the actives, dwell in thought upon what you wish to find during the experience. thank the plant in advance for it's revelations if you are so inclined. then - sip you the sacred.

take a nice big gulp. you'll throw up. afterwards, slowly sip it until either it's all gone or you have found what you came to find.

in the 50 seed range, ego-death is nearly inevitable. fantastically complex lines of thought, completely rational however esoteric, will arise almost of their own volition. i have found these trains of thought and logic to be of surpassing sublimity and to comprise a order of reason that will not be traceable in normal, everyday, alpha state of the average person - however, if you record your thoughts thoroughly, or at least jot down the key points and related ideas, you will find yourself amazed by what you have conceived and grasped.

like i said, ego-death. transcendence of organic valuations occurs naturally - one looks at a video of people fucking, or being murdered, and has no 'human' influence in their observations whatsoever. one literally leaves their humanity behind, and see's everything as it really is, outside of duality. the state is probably best described as one of superhuman lucidity and awareness.

although it has no chemical emotional effects, at some point, when the ever-present, everyday drugs in your brain that clouded your mind from the answer it knew to the question you had are burned away by the acid, leaving only the power of will and observation in your capacity, a state of ecstasy may be achieved which i can only describe as completely beyond joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain.

as such an experiment is available to anyone with a computer, a twenty dollar bill, and a free day, i highly recommend that everyone try this out. i get mine from

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Has anyone tried this?... I hear anything above the 20 rage to be potentially dangerous.
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Originally Posted by Lockfingers View Post
Has anyone tried this?... I hear anything above the 20 rage to be potentially dangerous.
Think i took at least 17 a fair few years back remember was a strong experience but seamed to me could of gone safely further wasn't sick as others reported, i soaked them in water which likley helped.
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Get HBWR, chew them or grind them up, and take it buccually (hold it in your cheek like you would with dip or snus). You have to hold it for a long while. I'd suggest 45 minutes and at least 30 minutes if you really can't stomach the taste. It's OK to swallow your saliva during this time but better to hold it in your cheek as well, just avoid swallowing the actual seed matter.

The benefit is you don't have the nausea inherit with ingesting the seeds and you don't have to go through the bother or wait for an extraction.

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adar yawshab
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Originally Posted by IKnowNothing View Post
Although the average recreational dose with HBW seeds is 8-10, i find that the best way to use it as a means of the spirit quest is to do 50.
This depends on the seeds. 50 of the darker colored ones could be potentially dangerous as they are much more potent than the light brown ones. It is a vasoconstrictor so if you have poor circulation it can cause serious problems. LSA also has certain affects on the uterus and other reproductive functions so if you are a female it has been known to alter the menstrual cycle especially if you are on birth control.

just a heads up. If all your bases are covered then go for it. its an incredibly magickal experience. just be safe.
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