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Default Astragali; Astral Projection upon Death.

We can survive our death if we have enough mental strength. Developing astral projection and sacrificing it we can reach a higher state. It is to be considered dark magic and should not be practices without a good know how. Be mindful too the thought that these astralic spirits live in the same way we do, and many have none too communicate with. Actualizing the aspectual notation that we see, we can find the experience too the growth in the rightful understanding towards magic. It's an ancient forgotten art that 'has been rediscovered.

It is a spiritual journey; one that will force you to ponder calmly about the your inner concentration.

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Considering everything, I would like to introduce myself as Guido de Hunne, and I'm an Astragali. We're a noble Caucasian house and have been pure in blood for more then 38.000 years. Historically, the astragali are the leading family and I've had the honour to share my wisdom in magic with others whom are as interested in the practise as I am.

This is WIP. I'll be working on it for the next couple of days.

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