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Magician Will
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Smile Magic using the Holy Bible

So the other day i made a video using real magick on a deck of playing cards

and some ppl were skeptical about my magick i was using

well some ppl said i had set it up cause cards could be setup in the shuffle

Well today i do the exact same thing but this time using a Holy Bible

And believe it or not my brain can read over 5000000 peices of text per second

If u notice in my eyes they turn pure white

And some ppl would say why use a Holy Bibile well how much more meaning will it give u when u read this text rather then just a ordinary book

+ God has littearly ruined everything i have to live for

i cant go into detail but yeah

So what happens is i close my eyes and randomly stop on a page with my eyes closed i read it

close the bible again

open the bible up and then close my eyes and this time i turn my head the other way that way u know im not lying

and im telling the truth

anyways Enjoy Universe

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