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Default Does the Black Man of the Crossroads ever appear as a person?!

So, 3 days since laying down an apple and petition at a crossroad stop sign near my mothers house on pollak (this felt like the best place) I've seen 'signs' on this same street, usually devoid of people (there was even a woman going to her boyfriend's truck the first day I walked down there to drop off the apple). Now I haven't seen many animals around that could manifest as a sign of the Black Man. But I 'feel' an increase in intuition when I contemplate the subject as if he's trying to communicate. Now I'm unsure if this crossroads man is connected along the crossroads in this neighborhood like a circuit. He seems to suggest that he wants to kick some hidden enemies out of the neighborhood (well, they're not hidden... I know who they are. I killed the girls fiance with evil eye on accident. suicide.). Its not something in words but a thought that intrudes my mind, an oddly CALMING thought that seems to come from an outside source.

Today, the third or fourth day of seeing 'people in black' I came across my mothers boyfriend at the intersection of the opposite end of Pollak. (which implies these crossroads are under the same Man). Walking back to my apartment after watching the Walking Dead a man caught my eye, standing still as a statue and dressed in all black. He randomly spoke to me, and asked if I have the lord in my life. I said "I got some of the lord." . I told him I go by Michael (fake name) and he replies about the archangel Michael. I told him I have a candle dedicated to him right now. The conversation went on about how I believe there had been saints to performed miracles such as Bilocation (a phenomena I've been claimed to have done, it must be an astral body; but its face is constantly veiled in angular shadows. Psychics including a family member say they see him around when I'm not home, and think its me), and he believes the same but is more skeptical unless he himself has seen it. He had a very neutral expression on his face, was drunkish but not shitfaced and not an asshole. I think that this is a manifestation of the Black Man. If a chicken or a snake can come out of the woodwork as the Black Man than why not a person?

An open mind is a fortress with its gates unguarded and open.

Doubt is the doorway from which the truth may pass through.

I'm a threshold or a mirror but I'm neither the object reflected nor the the two places between the threshold.
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To examine things from a broader perspective, the crossroads ritual can be seen as a form of Evocation. You've made an offering with the intent of bringing certain energies into your life and environment. From the moment you release your will, the universe will take the path of least resistance seeing that energy to its destination. And, quite neatly, the Black Man is very vaguely defined from the perspective of most traditions.

If another person is the simplest way to bring those energies back to you, then I see no reason why the Black Man shouldn't be a person. It's certainly more likely that the signs should manifest in animals or inanimate things, but only because simpler things and beings make fewer "Ripples" in the pool, so to speak.
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