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Default Delete my post

Izabael, can you delete my posts on 'mob rules ; you can f*ck off asshole' ?

I believe that my intention for saying everything was right but I got carried away because I thought it was my first chance to swear on the forum, as I thought it was an excuse to do so on 'mob rules.' And Omera influenced me in a negative way, I thought if he is swearing then maybe I should do the same.

I also feel that I have become a new person since this time and I can answer people just by telling them the truth without the need for insult, but this was just my previous frustration at an oppressive situation.

I don't like seeing the old me on that thread.

My new resolution is to actually not swear again, insult, be rude or be abusive even if someone does so to me and I feel justified in doing so, because then still part of me is being like them.

** Thanks! I think you did it because i can't see it anymore, I feel so much better!

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