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So You Want to Be a Goetic Shaman? Question and answer forum for the discussion of anything related to the Goetia (including the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum) with especial regard to using the daemons in non-traditional ways.

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Default Goettia as talismans or teachers

So, I'm getting into the Goettia and I'm wondering if they are of any use to somebody that want's to learn and integrate into my being what has been learned instead of having a deamon hanging around and influencing my witt or eloquence.

What I mean is, actually having a spirit as a teacher regarding it's area of expertise.
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There's multiple ways that particular spirit can teach oneself. The usual way I believe for most people is setting up situations via synchronicity to teach or improve the attribute one requests. The spirit(s) can also show up during the dreaming state and teach one within those realms both verbally and symbolically. The spirit can also etherically-manifest within the earth-realm normal waking state but usually only be seen and heard by people with highly sensitive psychic faculties i.e. clairvoyance and clairaudience. Also, believe it or not the spirits can eve temporarily physically manifest as a 3D solid body that can be seen with normal vision and that entity also heard with normal hearing.... the last one may seem unbelievable but I know it's real from experience.

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