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So You Want to Be a Goetic Shaman? Question and answer forum for the discussion of anything related to the Goetia (including the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum) with especial regard to using the daemons in non-traditional ways.

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Default Baratchial of the Tunnels of Set

Baratchial dwells within the 12th Qliphothic pathway-- the one which connects. Excellent at empowering chakras (sacral in particular), he teaches the witch to hunt in the astral planes. He can make the witch cold-blooded and teach her to mislead liars, convincing them that the witch is convinced when she has really seen though the lies. He can reveal the origin of enchantments which have been cast. He teaches sexual black magick and other such mysteries, and he is related to the planet Mercury.
I saw someone ask about this spirit in an old-ass thread so I thought I'd post about him.

Essays on Demonolatry, Vampyrism, Hebdomadry, Meditation, and more.
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