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So You Want to Be a Goetic Shaman? Question and answer forum for the discussion of anything related to the Goetia (including the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum) with especial regard to using the daemons in non-traditional ways.

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Default Olympian spirits, nobody told me about?

By the looks of it, olympian spirits are the archetypes/egregores of ancient polytheistic deities categorized by likely multiple occultists during the midieval period. I heard the olympian spirits are easier to work with and lead to strong experiences. What if we used em in some hoodoo and chaos sorcery? What ground work should be done?

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I just finished up a working that included Phul, Ophiel, and Hagith. They're very Earthy entities, nicely rounded They're wilder and I advise going through the Archangel of the planet and working your way down through the ladder of administration if you want to approach them. Go through that route, and then get to know the intelligence, some have a stronger influence in your sphere than others, some will outright work against you. Having the blessings of the chief gives you some back up.

It's totally workable to incorporate them into the Hoodoo style. With these guys the more correspondences you have, the better connection. In fact, I don't think I've come across anything that can't be incorporated into, or isn't already part of Hoodoo.
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