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Ye Old Black Magick If Alex from A Clockwork Orange could do magick, what sort of magick would he do?

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owusu festus
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thank you for the information but still need some more information. i have being chanting Hekate name for about 7 months now. i do focus on black objects or moon when chanting Her name.i did not know more about HER and i am sure is Hekate Who directed me to This site.she has appeared to me once but i was not sure it is her. Now i want to be more close to Her now so please give me the procedure to do my offering.
what does Hekate like and dont like. And how does she appeared to first timers.And to get her close to me as a beginner what must i do.

Originally Posted by nytek View Post
Honestly, you know, I don't recommend using blood to people anymore. I mean what I said is out there and I'm not embarrassed to have gone through the life lessons of using blood, the many benefits and the few drawbacks, but nevertheless here I stand today as compared with myself before. And where I stand now is more in line with using foods, alcohols, honey (She does love Her honey), and other things you may think of like Guinness beer or Coca-cola for offerings. Do one small offering when she shows up if possible like leaving out a shot of liquor on your altar or a can of coke cracked open with some of it poured into her chalice or a cup. The main payoff comes shortly after your success ... or if you don't pay then there begins your problems until you do or for a long time.
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owusu festus
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Default help

Please help me to get the invocation method of invoking Vassago and Seere.I have been attracted to call them and i want to find out find you can help me to do that.
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I'm wondering if using an isis sculpture or cup would be OK, I'd love to have a Hekate sculpture at my altar but so far I've only found is Isis related.
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there is some rare pdf books, you can search on page for Hecate or Hekate

And 5000Spells in Wicca category, contains some of her spells, broom spells, etc, I found this funny. And 5000Spells.pdf contains warning about "empty" spells, so to write a journal is preferable.

Further links:

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