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Ye Old Black Magick If Alex from A Clockwork Orange could do magick, what sort of magick would he do?

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Default A chaos magick paradigm about Vlad the Impaler...

So, I've been on the lookout for a central god-figure in my personal psuedo-mythos, and despite all the meandering into occult territory there is no one single myth or entity worthy of such a devotionary process, however I've considered the significance of historical figures.

Vlad the Impaler is a man made god.
Much misunderstood, the cruel patriarch of 14th century Wallachia has inspired me much, and completely invalidated any view or possibility of karma existing where slight threads still remained (I have yet to suffer as a result of black magick. Even the traumatic moving place to place could have gone much worse if 'karma' wanted to take an opportunity to deliver a killing blow- literally. But no, nobody fucking lays a finger on my spidery hair head, so I'm going to keep cursing people every time I get angry

Vlad the Impaler is going to be my epitomized goal of what it means to manifest as who I want to be: powerful, authoritative, patriarchal, family sustaining and a renowned warrior (and oh so much more...). My problem of paradigms today is, I keep in line with the hermetic arts, but among all the qabalistic dogma I can't seem to find a use for much other than the 7 planets and MAYBE, the paths, convincing me I might need to find another system or take a long hard look at every qabalistic text to distil the bs.

What I do know and suspect:

Vlad the Impaler has made a ancestral appearance in public, (I think it significant if I see a symbolic person in public)- the same hair, the same facial hair, tall, a thick warrior build, and stopping under a branch to pass me by on a walk with a glance- but the connective eyes contacted mine and I noticed.

Vlad the Impaler best idolizes the sun, jupiter, mars and saturn.

Vlad the Impaler has very similar 'luck' that I've experienced, where no harm comes to me whether through authorities or attackers- some escape, some miraculous defense or simply fear manages to save the day.
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