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Default Necromancy - study group?

I'm looking to form a "Study Group" if you will, in regards to learning more on the subject of death and its impacts according to the soul, as well as the practical usage of this stage of life.

The idea would be to form a study group, where we could share meditations, rituals and experiences etc...

IE: I've recently thought of the Kemetic afterlife, in death the Ka, Ba, and Ab are seperated. In the Alchemical black phase, the self is "destroyed" (The physical death) This is followed by the parts of the person being seperated. The seperation is the white phase.

Finally is the hall of Ausar (Osiris) where the soul is judged on its actions. Once this done, if correct action and rituals are performed then the soul is re-united, the aspects of the Ba and Ka become the Sahu. This would be the Red phase.

Therefore, in death in itself are the three stages of alchemical transmutation apparent...

Anyone else wants to contribute, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do!

Glorius art thou, Thine lady behind the Veil of Purity, Queen of the silvered waters, Shining in the heavens as the Celestial Serpent!
Great, is the Goddesses Kebetchet

Hail to thy name, Thy Jackal of the mountain, Seasoned traveller of the Heavens, Prince of the gates and keeper of mine heart, Hail to thou, lord of the true twilight!
Great is the Name, Anpu

Infinite is thine light, She whom cries in the wrath of spirit, Divine justice, lady of the ever burning flame eternal, Beautiful is she of the red deserts, Eternal is her Greatness, Hail to thou, Lady of Justice
Eternally, thou art Sekhmet!

Oh Thou neteru, Mine masters behold that ectasy be induced at the thought of thy names within the heart of thine disciple!
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