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Magick rituals, guides, and lessons A place to post rituals, guides, lessons, and FAQs, by me and anyone else who wants to contribute and start their own threads. Experts in any area of magick are welcome.

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Default Rite of the Averse Star (LRP)

This is basically something I've adapted to be used with the system I've posted in Black Magick called The Descending Hierarchies of John Dee, which a link to can be found
. This rite will keep in theme and also support the evocation of so-called evil elementals or and will work with whatever quarter guardians you decide to use -- but please for your own benefit DO NOT USE the Archangels for this rite. It won't work in this context. I would use the classic elemental-Gods of demonolatry.

The Rite of Averse Star

The Averse Cruciform
(A Variant on the Kaballistic Cross)

Stand or be seated facing South-West. Light pranayama until settled. Become aware of this violet light GLOWING in a noticeable way up above your head; know that this is the essence of the Dark Gods, that it is everywhere and through everything: omnipresent, and solidifying for you now; reacting to your will and thickening or thinning the atmosphere accordingly. Take a moment until the reality sets in to begin to more profoundly recognize this energy despite your physical senses and what they tell you before moving along.

You may, for additional rapport with the system, watch this violet-black glowing ball of LIGHT, shining down on you, with it in the third eye glowing brighter and brighter only as fast as you can chant with meaning from memory: "DOH-SEE-GAH, KAN-EE-LAH, AH-DOH-HEE, LOO-KEY-FAY". These are the four secret names of Satan as manifested in the elements (spelled phonetically), and are the Names of the Four Palaces of Tartartus; being, The Palaces of the Night, of the Blood, of the Kingdom, and of the Bright One.

Reach up above your crown. You can pull down a streamer of this glowing violet-black LIGHT, and you can really see this happening, it coming down with the magnetic pull of your right hand and right above and onto your crown chaka as always. Feel it there beaming down coded light--the certain associated pressures, or warmth, or tingling, or heat, or coldness--whatever is easiest to allow to come to mind as you think about this, just feeling these subtle feelings you can sense and knowing it is really happening in the form of a purple-black glowing ball of light as you intone with heavy concentration:
"GA-HEY" [ie. "Thou art"]

Pull the light down by will and direction to the groin/root center, and feel the violet-black energy vivifying and stirring this chakra too, making a purple-black basketball sized orb here as well, feeling your connection between above and below, spirit and matter, as the light continues downward and becomes grounded into the Earth beneath you as well, while you are saying:
[i]"EE-AL-PUH-REG-GIE" ]ie. burning flames]

Pull the light back up to the groin and over to the right hip. There form a ball of violet superimposed over the right hip like as with the shoulder typically in GD's LBRP, saying aloud:
"FAH-BOH-AHN" [ie. poison]

Pull a line of light from this ball across to the left hip and make and feel a swirling violet ball there as well, vibrating:
"OH-DA VON-PHA-OH" [ie. and wrath,]

Extend your arms in the sign of Osiris Slain, vibrating, "Go-Hey-Dah!" [ie. "eternal!"]

Reflect upon the cross and the linked balances struck between heaven and hell, also between personal malice and the unimpinged forces of destruction before going on. You have now drawn down and balanced the black light in a structure relevant to the system at hand.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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The Projection and Consecration of the Averse Stars

Notes: Firstly, angles are more important than compass points. In the case of corners in a room being used, tape applied to both sides of the posterboard backing will adhere it to both walls equally well, holding it in place. These living talismans called palaces will become as the receivers of your projected charge through the stars which you yourself will have made. That energy projected will be the inverse energy of the Three Secret Banner Names of God for that particular element and its associated quarter.

Otherwise, the averse pentagram as used herein is not entirely inverted but merely flipped over within an axis of two dimensions. Earth merely shifts from the bottom left up above to the top left in the upside down position. Fire slides from the bottom right up to the top right. Spirit obviously moves from above to below, while water and air remain in their same prior locations, again, only as if a two dimensional flipping over of a pivot has taken place.
Dia. #1 (Banishing Earth)

Standing in the South-West, facing the Palace of the Blood (Water), form the Averse Earth Pentagram as shown in Diagram 1 above. From the Godform of Set project through it:


Tracing a separating blue line of fire like a wall, extend this line from the heart of your star, deosil, meaning toward the left, winding up facing the Palace of Kingdom (Earth), located in the North-West, vibrating as before through the Averse Earth Pentagram:

Extend your blue line around and into the North-Eastern quarter, facing now The Palace of the Night (Air), form the Averse Earth Pentagram again, vibrating:


Extending your fiery line that is the ensorcelling blue line of fire I'd spoken of earlier, then moving now finally toward the South-Eastern quarter, and facing toward The Palace of the Bright One, vibrating through the Averse Earth Pentagram:

More to come for the rite's proper completion when I return later...

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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Default The Grand Conjuration of the Watchers

[This is a good point to note that hopefully you've done Bornless One prior 'til this point, and additionally are not operating as some exorcist trying to whip around demons (except for the barely sentient ones of the system I suppose.)]

Return to facing the South-Western angle of the temple again. Make the Sign of Set Fighting in his Godform if possible and pronounce (always vibrating the names):
RA-ASA EE LUCIFER [ie. "In the East is Lucifer"]
Enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar LUCIFER (chant this until presence--should be fast)
["Arise. Move, And Appear in the East."]

SO-BO-ELN EE LEVIATHAN [ie. "In the West is Leviathan"]
Enn: Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan (until presence)
["Arise. Move, And Appear in the West."]

LOO-KAH-ELN EE FLEREOUS ["ie. "In the South is Flereous"]
Enn: Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous (until presence)
["Arise. Move, And Appear in the South."]

BA-BA-GEE EE BELIAL [ie. "In the North is Belial"]
Enn: Lir-atch tah-sa veh-fa weh-lik Bee-lee-ale (until presence)
["Arise. Move, And Appear in the North."]

*form the Sign of Osiris Risen*

MIC-MAH! Lah-pay OL bee-ah-bah no-tah-ho-ah who-barr-oh...

[*"Behold! For I stand amongst thee amidst living lamps".]
oh-da zo-may-dee na-za ee loo-sift-ee-us perr-ree-pay-sol.

[*"...and in the column is the shining star"]
[*translation above this is approximate]

Edit: You can also use Samael in place of Flereous, for example, if you desire it.
Finish by repeating the Averse Cruciform (modded Kaballistic Cross)

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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Bumping this one.
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Could you tell me where you found those four names of Satan?

Essays on Demonolatry, Vampyrism, Hebdomadry, Meditation, and more.
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Originally Posted by VKJehannum View Post
Could you tell me where you found those four names of Satan?
Hey. I don't post here anymore, but your particular post caught my interest. So with that having been said, the answer to your question would be neither here nor there. In truth, I don't recall what was written about the original post by myself years ago. I don't plan to read to find out. I also don't further know how I referred to those given names in the aforementioned context. Truly, Shaitan as you likely know has become a very muddled character to begin with, and particularly so around Medieval times; associations therewith made unto Lucifer, for one, being tentative and secondary rather than concrete. And yes, on the aside, if anyone reading wants to be anal about the 'Magian' origins of the rite to devalue its forms in an objective sense, it is technically birthed from the Golden Dawn current. "Forms under control, and control over forms." A form is thus a form--and as such, these ones are useful.

What I will say now is that the above rite in question as it is performed today by myself: I find it has value in keeping connections alive with the Dark Gods. It also creates the right mental atmosphere and mood for working with these kinds of spirits in general rather than traditional pentagram rites. Moreover, it also along the way, and conversely to how the standard pentagram ritual places one in alignment with the macrocosm as microcosm--this version basically reaffirms separation and also matter as a nexion for spirit and the potential for evolution;- it affirms a Promethean undertone to our existence, and from this place of mind is where certain deities which are idolized are recognized to share essential qualities with the operator.

With that said, I'll lay out the abridged version. For starters, it now has this format:

Perform Reversed QBL Cross,
i.e. performed from aspect of God on tree instead of Man:
Geh - Crown
AIWAZ - Heart
Londah - Feet
Lusd, - Left Shoulder
od Busd - Right Shoulder
Gohed - Sign of King/"Sign of Osiris Risen"

Consecration of Averse Pentagrams at Quarters:
Direction - Word of Power - Deity
E - Therion - Lucifer
N - Nuit - Belial
W - Babalon - Hekate
S - Hadit - Astarte

Addressing Guards of Watchtowers:
Micma! Lap ol biab nothoah hubaro! Od zomd naza i luciftias peripesol!

Repeat Reversed QBL Cross to close rite.

Some notes: The above entities are all 'LHP' initiators in their own rite, and the ego is identified with them through the above, although of course without ego-bloating attachment to that identification. Though I hate referencing the perceivable dual handedness of spiritual paths for being the Victorian era waste product that it is--said entities are indeed LHP initiators into spiritual autonomy, and are Dark Gods in their own rite as well. That is true regardless of how we explain whether they are archetypes or entities according to preference. Irregardless thereof, the above makes for a suitable rite for keeping connected with those entities one wishes to remain possessed by over the long haul for whatever reasons of initiation, guidance, and protection.

Some of my thoughts: Astarte is complex in nature--like Hekate is in a number of ways--and to get a better grasp she ought to be approached also through the gate of Astaroth sooner or later, although this will yield another very different aspect more like the androgynous Ishtar in having a more male-like form--and which form will come off nearly as a different entity being that it is so much more Saturnian in overall vibe, and also geared with a focus towards the material plane: wealth, sorcery and sexual manipulation (not that Astarte isn't to some degree as well given her origins of sexuality without motherhood, fertile abundance and war in her form of "Mistress of Chariots"). For connecting with Astarte through this ritual in particular for any reading this: consecrate and offer sheathed ears of corn in her quarter along with whatever else, and not corn in any other form, just on the aside. Also idols or images of a golden calf will be greatly appreciated when the time comes.

Having said the above, it's safe to say these entities are certain ones I have developed a good working relationship with over the years. But they do still work together well for anyone. Lucifer in any paradigm is a grand initiator. Belial is essentially almost one with Lucifer in that regard, and they practically share certain forms; namely their reptilian and hooded forms with some key differences being astral color emitted (Lucifer shows up more as a rich blue, and Belial as a shade of crimson). Lucifer is furthermore Lord of Witchcraft. Belial is Lord of the Earth plane, Lord of Sorcery and is furthermore adept at causing situations where the 'tail wags the dog'. Hekate is also a Goddess of the Craft. Astarte in any form is a great initiatrix for sorcery, sex magick, and manipulation. Lucifer and Hekate also pair up in Atlantean tradition and according to Aradia: Gospel of the Witches (allegedly of Stregha tradition). Lastly, Astarte and Hekate loosely pair up by relation of certain associated qualities. So they all tend to harmonize, and generally fit into the original schema regarding their given directions and what these symbolize.

I can talk more about these entities and their origins; mysterious as they are in some cases. I still think it is better to invoke them than to discuss them in any case, but nonetheless.

Also, one can address each entity before the grand address near the end. In doing so, one can affirm connections and ask for initiation, et al, to be channeled and sent your way.

Hopefully that answers your question and then some.

On the aside: I'm writing a book on Predatory Spiritualism at present; an initiatory book. I'm looking for people able to write instructional articles, but also things more alike the style of instructional truth or fiction which you may be used to by now. Feel free to PM me if you find yourself curious or at all interested and we'll talk. For what it's worth to you, I've enjoyed your related essay so far.


"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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PS - Samael also makes a great addition for the role of Gatekeeper of the Southern quarter. It's a matter of preference. Samael would obviously be closer to my original rite given the later lore arising where he was called fallen and went rogue in becoming a hunter of humans, et al, rather than taking his other aspects alone where he was recorded originally as being an Abrahamic angel of death in an origin derived in part from the god of Death named Mot.

You could thus do well by sticking with S - Samael, E - Lucifer, N - Belial, and W - Lilith Arachnida (again, personal preference including the particular aspect) among others. These are all principally "Satanic" beings. Regarding initiation, I overall prefer the roster/version given just prior to the likes of this one, however.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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