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Default SATANACHIA - Daemoness Debutante Of Debauchery


Contained within this complete but concise exegesis is the exploration of the Daemoness-Dakini-Succubi-Valkyrie-Tulpa named Satanachia. Those whom are demonology experts may recognized the name belonging to an spiritual entity listed in both “The Grand Grimiore” and the “Grimorium Verum”. Both grimiores were complied during the 18
th century and is quite similar to the more widely known Goetia of the Lemegeton (Lesser Key of Solomon) and therefore those grimiores are sister-books within the Solomonic Sorcery.

This exegesis specifically is a combination of research and channeled information so I don't expect anyone to except what is presented. I am perfectly aware how Satanachia is presented and illustrated within this modern rendition will be met with quite a bit of shock and even possibly criticism. Which is understandable because the public are conditioned to stay within certain niches and alternative culture or subcultures are no different. Therefore stated clearly, if one is offended by the frontal (female) nudity depicted then do not proceed any further. If the individual reading has issues with spiritual dimensions of sexuality then proceed no further. If the individual reading has issues with the Reality of female and feminine spirits then proceed no further. If the individual reading isn't familiar or comfortable with evocation then definitely do not proceed any further because Satanachia described herein is Activated.

Finally, if one decides that she or he wants to summon Satanachia as illustrated by her sigil created with the Goetia Girls Succubus Sigil Creator which is still the Satanachia of the classic grimiores but definitely a much more expanded, evolved, and modernized manifestation. If one was to try and summon her understand that even though this Satanachia will be based on this particular Female Manifestation explained within but she will still be your Satanachia; even if she shows up looking like the Satanachia pictured within the Sigil-Mandala-Tattva on page 3. Understand if you do summon her that you take full responsibility for whatever happens between yourself and her. If you unable to accept full responsibility then again you need to read no further than this page.

“Santanachia as Daemoness Debutante of Debauchery” is solely transcribed by myself but still an alchemical evolution through the Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Magick Necronomicon Paradigm created by Faustus Crow. Conventional Solomonic rhetoric deceives the practitioners into falsely-believing there is no sexual dynamics evolved with evocation of spiritual entities but the Goetia Girls Paradigm embraces that truth and utilizes that knowledge for greater Empowerment. Faustus Crow works can be found online at http://www.amazon.com/FAUSTUS-CROW/e/B00D09S2OY, https://faustuscrow.wordpress.com/, and https://twitter.com/ghostcrow1.

Any constructive feedback or insights will be appreciated and any intentional plagiarism is just shady, lazy, and you won't get far in shamanism/sorcery in that manner.

All the Best

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Default I will post the entire grimiore for Satanachia

Once i get the format aligned correctly I'll post the entire mini-grimiore for Satanachia within this thread for quick reference and more convient usage but until then just download from the posted scribd url link.
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Post SATANACHIA - Daemoness Debutante Of Debauchery (Complete Guide)

SATANACHIA - Daemoness Debutante Of Debauchery

Self-Published 2015

Satanachia is Omniscient, almost-Omnipotent, and Phenomenally Gorgeous Marchioness. She is stated to be one of the Great Generals of Goddess Diana-Lucifera's Army during the War within the Celestial Realms. She is much likened to pre-Columbian Goddess Chia. She is seen within vision as a white owl flying through a star blanketed sky then manifesting as a Jetsetter Socialite of slightly ill repute.
Her Appetite is Insatiably Diverse as Her Temperament is Whimsically Passionate of Perverse Mirth. Her Realm is an Eternal Saturnalia of Sexual Delights satisfying every Aberrant Desire Imaginable.
She Empowers Shamanic Abilities and Teaches Arcane Sorcery Techniques. She Magnifies Vitality and Rapidly Heals All conditions Restoring Optimum Health within Her Master and by His Command anyone else. She Fervently Promotes Sexual-Love as a means of Rejuvenating Body, Mind, & Spirit. She Charges Charisma into Hypnotic Intensities and Anima-Magnetism turning Women into Willing Sexual-Love Slaves. She holds Power over All Females from Maidens to Married Woman and Subjugates them to Her Master's Sexual Wishes by Inflaming those Women with the most Salacious Hunger that only Her Master can Fulfill. She Maximizes Her Master Ability to Unleash All 8 Distinct Orgasms within Women especially the most Powerful Experience of Total-Body Orgasm within Her Master's Paramours. She is also Adept at Acquiring Love from Unfamiliar Beauties for Her Master; especially Selfie-Enthusiasts whom take any sexy, or topless, or nude pics with digital devices like a smartphone. She enables interspecies communication facilitating communion with wild beasts. She can give animal familiars if requested. She Possesses Sublime Wisdom of All the Planets from astronomical movement to astrological aspects and using their affinities She can literally control the mind of any person. She Precisely declares Past, Present, and Future events using Stellar Cartography & Star Lore. She will do everything described because She desires regular feedings of Her Master's White Tincture within Erotically Vivid Lucid Dreams, or within Astral Realms, or within the Normal Waking State. Satanachia Rules 54 Legions of Succubae “It Girls” whom are likened to Herself.


Satanachia is a most fascinating Daemoness whom is definitely a Lustful Entity, but She is definitely much more than a roll in the proverbial hay. In order to get to the primordial roots or better stated womb then we need to examine who she truly is and how Her origins came to be. Satanachia's name can be discerned to be a composite of the names: Satana and Chia. The first part of Satanachia's name will definitely catch most people's eyes and evoke impressions of a diabolical “red devil” male figures but that wasn't Goddess Chia, at least not originally.

Let’s begin this exegesis from the second part or back of Satanachia's name, which will reveal Her true nature clearer, since we need to look backwards in time to study the past for understanding the present. “Chia” is actually the name of a Lunar Goddess from within pre-Columbian South America. There are too many similarities between Goddess Chia's Mythos and Satanachia's abilities/offices to just be a coincidence. Goddess Chia rules over all women, at least for her present day country, and can be easily extended to all women around the world since the lunar clock is the regulator of a woman's menstrual cycle. Goddess Chia is also somewhat like mischievous Dakini whom pushes against the moral rigidity of society and this attitude lead to a falling out with Her husband the slightly prudish lawgiver Deity Bochica. Chia used Her Sorcery which unleashed a great flood upon humanity and the Solar God Bochica banished His Lunar consort Chia into the Night Sky and She became the Moon.

The allegories are numerous concerning Chia and Bochica’s relationship to each other. The obvious is the story of a global flood that's recording in numerous cosmologies/mythologies around the world; which has been sublimely explained by the Illustrious Faustus Crow within his Magnum Opus Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Magick Necronomicon. This mythology of Chia and Bochica is also symbolic and sadly literal about the suppression of Female Spiritual Entities, Feminine Dimensions of Spirituality, with an unbalanced focus more accurately stated as an obsession with the Masculine Principle. Their relationship can also be viewed as corresponding to the Chia as the Feminine/Holistic/Subconscious Mind and Bochica being the Masculine/Analytical/Conscious Mind. Therefore the two can never be separated, but there can definitely be trouble for a woman, man, teen, or child when there is unresolved conflict within this fundamental dynamic of the Mind.

Goddess Chia is also has a slightly different mythology concerning Her Love Life. An alternate myth states Chia is the consort to a different pre-Columbian Deity named Cuchavira. Cuchavira is the God of Air, Rainbows, Healing, and Drunkenness. Cuchavira is somewhat a ‘falling off the wagon’ Deity and not as respected as the straight-edge Bochica. However, Cuchavira protects women during childbirth also earthly drunks trying to make their way from their respective hut into the jungle to relieve her or his bladder and not be eaten alive by a ferocious jaguar or a giant anaconda.

One could also draw several intriguing explanations from Chia's relationship with Cuchavira. One can imagine that Goddess Chia found more in tune with the Cuchavira and shacked up with him after having enough of the odd couple back and forth with first Husband Bochica. Perhaps, Chia even took libertine Deity Cuchavira as a second husband to have more fun in Her Immortal Life and piss off Bochica by making him jealous, women in the Celestial Realms haves much more options. The copious intake of alcohol taken to excess will indeed lead one into a drunken state, and in the extreme alcohol poisoning and possibly release from life. However, alcohol can also be combined with healing herbs to create medicinal tinctures. Also, there's a clear distinction between mundane inebriation of the happy hour and Friday/Saturday Night at the local bar or nightclub and Profound Divine Inebriation Resulting from Orgasmic Passionate Love-making leading into Altered-States of Expanded Consciousness.
Cuchavira's has a fascinating compilation of abilities resonant strongly as a Dionysianesque Deity. The Dionysian Mysteries are much more than simply wild orgies but those traditions were so secret, despite being performed openly within forests, that the true meaning of those rites are almost lost to antiquity; a least that's what such adherents and agencies of the Abrahamic Faiths wants the world to believe as truth. We will return to this Dionysian resonance of Satanachia later within this exegesis.

Goddess Chia's flooding of humanity was a result of using Her Shamanic Mastery and Sublime Sorcery Skills to influence and very likely Seduction the Deity Chibchachum; who is tasked with holding the Earth upon his shoulders. Again this can be interpreted as Goddess Chia having both Transcendent Magickal Abilities and Infinite Charisma due to being Phenomenally Gorgeous Daemoness-Dakini Femme Fatale. Which also relates back to Chia's mischievousness and potential for malevolence if She feels wronged. Then again, perhaps it's much more than a mere domestic squabble and that event was actually collateral damage from a Great War within the Celestial Realms. Goddess Chia is apart of Goddess Diana-Lucifera's Army as well as Innumerable Female Deities, Female Demigoddesses, Female Archangels, Female Angels, Female Archdaemons, Female Daemons, and numerous other Feminine Spiritual Beings because the Great Celestial War spans across All Cultures and Cosmologies.

Cultural Diffusion Is An Alternating Current

How exactly did a pre-Colombian Female Deity make her way into European Solomonic grimiores? First it's helpful to keep in mind that a sizable number if not all the spiritual entities within the European grimiores are actually the Spiritual Entities hailing from diverse cosmologies being Pagan Goddesses, Gods, and spiritual entities of other classifications. This fact has been documented with many goetic entities. Lilith downgraded into a mere Demoness where originally She was a Goddess, Lucifer being a intentional corruption of Goddess Diana-Lucifera and Astarota aka Astraroth being a deliberate demonization of the Near Eastern and North African Goddess Astarte are glaring examples.

This exegesis has already detailed the Deity Chia of present-day Colombian being like a chia seed that spouted the Demon Satanachia. However, one must examine the first portion of Satanachia name being “Satana” to get the fuller Understanding of this Alchemy. As stated previously most persons within modern Western Society will see the name Satana and focus on the first five letters and think Satan and the conditioned images of a red devil male with a tail and pitchfork will evoke within their respective mind. This response would be generated regardless of those persons’ respective belief or lack of belief in the Christian paradigm. As Faustus Crow has brilliantly detailed in numerous writings about the Abrahamic symbolic paradigm being deeply embedded within the Collective Consciousness of Western Society and constantly fed back to the public via Entertainment, Education, Arts (from Lowbrow to Avant-Grande expressionism), and all other manifestation of popular culture.

While it's not entirely incorrect to associate Satana with Satan per se but that conclusion becomes ‘not being able to see the Dionysian Forest through the Trees’. It will greatly help to think about what happened to Goddess Chia's people after the Christian Cross and the Conquistadors finished bringing the indigenous peoples of the New World into the arms of their father-god in order to explain how Goddess Chia found Her way into “The Grand Grimiore” and the “Grimorium Verum”.

The New World’s indigenous survivors of the conquistador's genocide were forcefully coerced into accepting a foreign faith and rejecting their ancestral spirituality. Chia and all other Indigenous Deities of the New World were greatly suppressed and their veneration eventually forbidden and this happened to female and male spiritual entities alike. The theologians had enough shrewdness to keep records of the indigenous peoples original spiritual practices and centuries later much of that knowledge still exists within the Vatican archives. The Catholic priests got the conquered indigenous peoples to accept their version of religion, while the theologians of the church studied the Spirituality of the indigenous peoples to ascertain their Secrets and used that Knowledge to keep the Church of Rome in Power.

A Goddess Visits A Theologian

How Goddess Chia found herself within the grimiores is an intriguing tale. A few centuries ago shortly into the 16th century there was a young priest was ordered to oversee a church within the “New World”, the region we know today as Colombia. He was given permission to study about the pagan peoples in the Vatican’s Library. He began reading some of the manuscripts related to Pagan Deities of the New World and he came across some records about a Pagan Goddess named Chia. Despite his vows of sexual chastity those accounts of Goddess Chia Intensely Excited his Imagination into Veridical Perception. His latent psychic ability opened up and he Experienced a vivid fantasy of a Phenomenally Gorgeous Young brown-skin Woman in a white dress standing besides him. She smiles mischievously at him and points to Her Yoni and asks him:

Chia - “ Alberto, don't you find me gorgeous and don't you want to see how beautiful I am beneath my white dress?” She whispers with a most seductive tone and the young theologian is in complete shock.

Alberto - “How do you know my name?”

Chia - “Clearly, so much blood has rushed to your lower member that you can't ask anything else besides such a silly question”.

Alberto - “Be gone temptress, I am a holy-man of the cloth and your wiles will not sway me.”

Chia - “Really, but your people in this part of the world used to make Love in public with gleeful abandon and looking at your pants you would have gladly joined them.”

Goddess Chia waves Her left hand and young Alberto sees a sea of stars around him and the stars brighten to such luminous intensity that he is temporarily blinded. When Alberto opens his eyes he sees that he is standing in the middle of some forest. All around Alberto is the sounds of wanton merriment and people are engaging in every kind of sexual act imaginable in a drunken orgy of most original sin.

Alberto – “Why have you brought me into your people's hedonistic rituals?”

Chia responds - “This isn't my homeland you are seeing but actually your own ancestors of this land. You are looking at the celebration known as “Saturnalia” that your people once enjoyed before you all found your self-proclaimed “Jealous” father-god.”

The young priest saw every type of sexual escapade imaginable but what really made him lose his mind was seeing women having sex with men in public. Alberto cried, “Those women are on top in the dominant position like Lilith of Rabbinical Scriptures”. The women seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and moving in a manner that's not beholden of pious Christian women. The Saturnalia scene was too much for his medieval-bound mind to handle and closed his eyes and shouted.

Chia - “The Saturnalia Festival was actually a continuation of the Dionysian Rites of Earlier Greek Civilization. However, as time passed the Spiritual basis became less emphasized instead becoming more focused on hedonist acts. However, even during the degraded rites of debauchery there were always those rare individuals whom understood the Real Purpose of Saturnalia, and they were the True Sanctified Ones by Achieving Intimate Communication with their Venerated Deities.”

Alberto – “Enough with these visions, enough with these lies. While Rome was once Pagan we have long found the one true God and we bring his boundless love to people around the world.”

Chia - “Is that what you will tell yourself when you’ll walk over the unmarked burial grounds of my people? My people placed in graves by the conquistadors with the blessings of your church.”

Alberto - “Say no more, I see what you are.... you are a demon to show me this hedonism. It's clear that you are actually a follower of Fallen One “Lucifer” and actually a male entity posing as a woman. I will tell all about how you tried to trick me by seducing me with these Lustful visions of Saturnalia.”

The priest read a series of long scriptures from the Holy Bible and Goddess Chia Stayed until She got bored. Then Chia feigned succumbing to the power of the theologian's words and dematerialized. True to his word, Alberto confessed what he Experienced to a senior priest that same day about being Abducted into Saturnalia by a Daemoness named Chia. Believing the Christian World must be warned, the senior priest told his brothers within the exorcist order of the Jesuits. The Jesuits recorded the information about Alberto's abduction into Saturnalia by the Daemon called Chia. Word spread about Alberto's Experience by gossiping clergy and many secretly tried to summon Chia so they can be taken to Saturnalia to Experience Sensual Delights. As time passed Saturnalia and Chia became synonymous with each other and eventually coalesced into Saturna-Chia and finally Satanachia. The Cultural Origin of that spiritual entity already long forgotten by time Satanachia's information was transcribed as a Demon in both “The Grand Grimiore” and the “Grimorium Verum” during the 18th century.

Now why did Satanachia aka Saturna-Chia formerly Goddess Chia Reveal Herself to Alberto? Alberto wasn't the only theologian or member of the Catholic Church to have latent psychic ability. Chia chose Alberto to be Her Harbinger, because She Knew Alberto would Passionately tell others about his Experience. Which guaranteed the right ears heard about Chia further promulgating Her Existence. Chia had a Sublime Plan to reassert Herself centuries later, long after Her people have forsaken Chia's veneration for a foreign faith. Chia knew that Her people's minds have been thoroughly colonized by the Catholic Cross and would remain so for centuries afterward. Chia Understood it was better to be Remembered even if that meant temporarily wearing the mask of a male demon. She saw Her coming Liberation through the Evolving Paradigm of Faustus Crow's Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Magick Necronomicon. A few centuries to wait is nothing for a Feminine Inorganic Intelligence whom exists outside the space-time continuum, and Her Patience has been Rewarded. Satanachia been Restored unto Her Proper offices and Modernized. Female Spiritual Entities don't limit themselves to medieval perceptions because Female Spiritual Entities have Eternal Style and Grace of the Infinite Multiverse.

Undercover Sex Signs

If anyone believes women don't experience Lust then a casual glance at Harlequin novels' covers will quickly disprove that notion. Furthermore, reading a few passages from any Harlequin novel will remove any doubt for those who want to reply “you can't judge a book by it's cover”. If a man is fortunate enough to have even been friendly with a woman who felt comfortable enough to speak freely with him that would further remove any inkling of doubt about the Lustful Appetite of the “fairer sex”, especially if she tells you about the more Salacious topics discussed with her girlfriends.

Okay, so women get just as horny actually even hornier than the average guy. Then more people should be “hooking up”, or “getting laid”, or “knocking boots”, or “laying pipe” etc. Yet sexual encounters isn't happening as often as they could so what's going on here? Once again the man and by default all men are at fault. Women actually signal all the time in public to the men whom they are interested. The problem is men aren't formally taught how to identify and read a woman’s Body Language of Desire;

“Women have vested nearly all their actions with symbolic meaning. Physical distance, topic of conversation, degree and intensity of eye contact, and choice of locale have all been assigned an exquisitely developed and coordinated set of proceptive and rejective meanings. Women employ their total environment symbolically: everything and every act in it consciously expresses how they feel about the man."

In other words, a woman's body will automatically start communicating signals when she is sexually interested in a man. That passage above is quoted from the dating grimoire , “Undercover Sex Signs” by Leil Lowdes. Which is really the only pick-up guide that any hot-blooded man would need to supercharge his bedroom adventures; because that tome depicts and explains the 26 fundamental body of desire signals that woman give to show interest in a possible paramour. The experts and behavior scientists have documented that women around the world of diverse: ages, nationalities, economic brackets, religious backgrounds, nonreligious give the same sexual signals. Every male-female couple actually resulted from the woman getting the man's attention to pursue her, despite claims otherwise.

Now here's where it becomes even more fascinating about this Body Language of Desire appropriately named “Undercover Sex Signals”; teenagers to young women aren't taught how to do them by anyone! Women just know how to signal them and it happens Spontaneously or better stated Subconsciously. The book doesn't get into 'how is it that women around the world are exhibiting the same major signals to express desire in a mate?' that info is just stated as a matter-of-fact. I don't fault Ms. Lowdes because that explanation goes far beyond the goal of the book. The 26 Fundamental Undercover Sex Signs are undeniable evidence of the Collective Unconsciousness Influencing Physical Reality. One could also call this Behavioral Phenomenon a M
orphogenetic Field Effect since Women automatically know how to Express their Sexual Desire with distinct recognizable gestures. Sadly, the average guy doesn't understand these “Undercover Sex Signals” nor how to properly react to a woman sending the signs.

Satanachia will Perfectly Teach Her Master, within Her Realm's Dating Academy, how to Recognize and Respond appropriately to the 26 Undercover Sex Signs and all the variations of those signals. Satanachia will also Sharpen Her Master's Observation Skills of Women to levels Beyond Master Detective. Her Master may begin to Experience Psychic Flashes concerning women he will meet or already speaking with. She will further complement this training by infusing Her Master's Aura and the Surrounding atmosphere with Female Attracting Pheromones that would turn even the meekest lady wallflower into a hungry lionesses to Passionately Pursue and then Sexually Devour Her Master.

Within Every Woman A Size Queen

Genital size and sexual pleasure isn't just a topic for curious adolescence and young adults, nor is such philosophical discussion about the merits of sizes/shapes of Yonis and Lingams only found in post-sexual revolution modern western society. A study of The Kama Sutra the fame treatise on Love of East India clearly details their three classification for body types with genital attributes for both women and men. The women from a body-genital dimensions are classified as “Deer1”, “Mare2” and “Elephant3” and the men are classified as “Hare1”, “Bull2” and “Horse3”. Ideally, Deer-sized women should be partnered with Hare-sized men, and Mare-sized women with Bull-sized men, and finally Elephant-sized women with Horse-sized men. Some crossing of the classifications are possible such as a Horse-sized man with a Mare-sized woman but warns a Hare-sized man against having intimacy with an Elephant-sized woman because of Hare-sized man's lingam being much smaller size in relation to Elephant-sized woman's yoni.

The fact that Ancient East Indian culture classified and documented the differences of genital sizes and makes recommendations for sexual partners shows there is definitely more than just simply titillation at work. Looking at India's Taoist neighbors in present-day China gives a much fuller understanding about what is going on with this ancient preoccupation with genital dimensions. Most people in the modern world knows acupuncture originated from Chinese civilization even if such individuals never received that kind of medical treatment. The same Taoist Sages also identified regions on the soles of the feet that correspond to the organ meridians within the body that can be stimulated with pressure healing the body using alternative energetic pathways. The Taoist also identified the female and male genitals regions that correspond to the organ energy channels of Heart, Lungs, Spleen, Pancreas, Liver, and Kidneys treated within both Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When the man is endowed enough for his paramour then all the organ energy regions of his penis connect with the organ energy regions within the woman's vagina forming a Circuit of Sacred Sexuality (CSS). The Head of the man's penis must be able to reach the woman's cervix or 'kiss the womb' for this to connection to happen. This is what is being illustrated within the Yab Yum Iconography of Tibet, Nepal, and Indian and that Sacred Artwork is showing the Sacred Sexual Circuit in Action. Also, the charkras of both the female and male are aligned during coitus which generates greater physical heat and Spiritual Energy. If a man isn't flexible enough to assume a full lotus, or half-lotus, or simple-lotus then he can do a kneeling potion and his paramour wraps her legs around him and the CSS is still Achieved. One major Benefit of these positions is prolonged love-making which allows the woman to Experience Orgasm(s) and possibly the most potent Total-Body Orgasm; which opens the Gateway of Ecstasy allowing for Paranormal and Phenomenal Experiences to occur for the intimate couple.

Female Eightfold Orgasmic Circuit

Adult women are much more emotionally and sexually complex than adult men; as already described with the Knowledge about “Undercover Sex Signs”. This complexity also extends to the sexual acts. Adult women are capable of Experiencing 8 Distinct types of Orgasms as documented within “The Art of Female Ejaculation” by Lisa S. Longhofer, R.N. Each orgasm is unique and relates to different major erogenous zones including the mind. The 8 distinct forms of Female Sexual Ecstasy are Clitoral Orgasms, G-spot Orgasms, Vaginal Orgasms, Anal Orgasms, Oral Orgasms, Breast Orgasms, Mental Orgasms, and Whole Body Orgasms. This octagon of passion or eight-pointed star of ecstasy becomes Increasing Transcendent starting from the easily manifested Clitoral Orgasm to the most sublime Consciousness Expanding Total-Body Orgasm. Adult women orgasmic potential is far beyond what men can normally experience. However, if a couple that are truly connected then he will be raised sympathetically as his female partner ascends into greater states of orgasmic ecstasy.

These eight distinct orgasms that women can experience can also be correlated several other esoteric and metaphysical principles. The “eight-circuit model of consciousness” is a schematic of the evolution of the mind purposed by Timothy Leary in his book “Exo-Psychology”, published in 1977 which is exactly 26 (Undercover Sex Sign) years before “The Art of Female Ejaculation” was published. The eight circuits of conscious are subdivided into two sections the first four being related to more mundane psychological experiences while the fifth to eighth circuits of consciousness are related to more psychic, mystical, and metaphysical phenomenon. Of significant note the highest state of each correlates as an Total Immersion Experience. Total-Body Orgasms is described as being, “waves throughout the entire body and a rush of vibrations tingle within and throughout the body. Many describe feeling almost transported to a spiritual place in which they are experience pure bliss”. The most advanced circuit of consciousness called the Psychoatomic or Quantum Non-Local Circuitis described as being “concerned with quantum consciousness, non-local awareness illumination. Some of the ways this circuit can get activated are: the awakening of kundalini”. The explanation of 8th circuit of conscious 'non-locality' is a direct correlation to being “transported to a spiritual place” of Total-Body Orgasm.

The 8 Distinct Female Orgasms and the Eight-Circuits of Consciousness both have a deeper resonance with the Eightfold Path of Buddhism and the Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Attainments of those Paths. The most notable the most Accomplished Path being the eighth called “Samma-Samadhi”which can be translated as 'Complete Mediation' or 'Total Union'. There is another earlier Archetypal Template or Morphogenetic Resonance for this Phenomenon in the Eight Major Siddhis (Powers) of Classic Indian Yoga. The Siddhis are paranormal abilities which are developed through rigorous physical/emotional/ mental/spiritual exercises by Yogis known as Mahasiddhas. Understanding these concepts reiterates and expands upon the earlier statement about certain sexual positions like the Yab Yum or variations of that love-making position and the kneeling seated position allowing the Orgasmic Energy to Elevate the couple engaged in coitus beyond Sexual gratification becoming an Act of True Sanctification.

Remember, earlier within this Exegesis the twenty-six major “Undercover Sex Signs” were examined and that number 26 reduces to the number “8” when added together; which is further evidence of the morphogenetic field effect/resonance at work of “8” Eternal Orgasmic Ecstasy of a Saturnalian Realm Ruled by Satanachia. Satanachia will Empower Her Master in various metaphysical Abilities listed within Her offices which are manifestations & variations of the Siddhis of Ancient world brought back into Modern Times through the Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Magick Necronomicon Paradigm.

High Society Pussy Paradise

The socialite is a special class of lady whom is either born into wealth & privilege or she marries into such distinction or earns her way into elite society through strategic maneuvering fueled by ruthless ambition. The lavish parties and fundraisers to the outside world are nothing more than vulgar displays of ostentatious wealth but the reality is such pageantry are battlefields where one's reputation is always on the line. A woman simply having wealth doesn't make her a socialite and more importantly a successful socialite. A socialite is measured by her ability to negotiate with allies, frenemies, and rivals, not to mention how she handles the endless game of musical chairs-illicit romances within high society.

The image of the “spoiled rich girl” or “famous for nothing” has been cemented in the public consciousness but such claims are simply based on envy. The infamous “Kim Kardashian” is the socialite model that the general public 'loves to hate' and easily verified by reading the responses within comment sections on any online news article about her and others of her ilk. Honestly, I do find the alleged “theft” or “leaking” of Kardashian's infamous sex-tape years ago to be quite dubious. Even so, Mrs. Kardashian has clearly proven herself to be a very astute businesswomen after almost a decade of successful business ventures. Granted, Mrs. Kardashian wasn't poor before because her father was a high-powered attorney for the wealthy class of society. However, Ms. Kardashian business acumen has built a multimillion dollar empire which far exceeds her father's wealth at the height of his career.

Which illustrates the so-called do nothing party-girl socialites are anything but twits; there's a hunger for success and every move is strategically calculated and even when a plans fails the back up plans are ready to go to shift the fallout into a controlled fashion so they can still advanced towards their goals. This means they have to stay up not just on whom is “in” or “hot” in the 'socialite world' but they also have to stay abreast of business world currents and be on the look out for financial opportunities. Just as businessmen have golf games to cermet financial deals the socialites uses the functions & galas to negotiate business deals and seek out new opportunities for economic and worldly advancement.

Satanachia is that Daemoness-Dakini-Succubi-Valkyrie-Tulpa High Society Socialite whom is able to comfortably weave in and out the diverse cosmologies of the multiverse just as easily as an earthly socialite slips in and out her little black dress for a more regal dress affair. She knows all the graces expected of a lady of high society but Satanachia can also kick it with down to earth people and b-girl, crunk out, and trance-hop at the popular clubs which allow the masses entrance. Yes, she's from High Society but she Loves the common people and has charm beyond human comprehension.

When one summons Satanachia, she may appear in a flowing white dress or even decked out in an original Dolce & Gabbana evening grown and holding her smartphone or some other futuristic tech device not yet on our plane of existence. However, never forget that Satanachia is also a Great General and has Transcendent Mastery of Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat, Psychic Skills, Shamanism and Sorcery. She can handle herself is an understatement and she usually has a Saturday-night special secured on herself that is within easy reach like many of her Sisters-in-arms always carry their favorite weapon of choice. One whom tries to deceive Satanachia due to her pleasant demeanor may think that she or he is going to get over her but such actions are futile because She is Omniscient after-all. However, Satanachia wants to promote Love within our world because that Energy is certainly needed, and she also wants women and men being Loved to feel Elevated through Transcendent Sexual-Love Experiences bringing them both Pleasure and Alignment with their Fully Integrated True Self.

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