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Magick rituals, guides, and lessons A place to post rituals, guides, lessons, and FAQs, by me and anyone else who wants to contribute and start their own threads. Experts in any area of magick are welcome.

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Djinn and juice
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Default A note on "one twuewayist asshats whoowart the sphincter awound the sun

Originally Posted by Great Gazeofra View Post
Anton Wilson, Peter Caroll, Anton LaVey, and numerous other post-20th Century "New Age" Occultists, are prime examples of the intentional misinterpretations and misunderstandings induced by the Real magick workers : the Magi of the Golden Dawn Era of Occultism. The New Age Self-Centered practioners say to themselves "Do what Thou Wilt", and "Nothing is - only it seems to me", yet they completely ignore the un-deniable reality that our conscious minds, driven by desire, are directly opposed to one's most True Will which is the force of the universe and Cannot be realized or used by an un-disciplined dogma rejecting fool who is under even the most powerful of Trances.
I love how many big words you used in this statement, my mind is shaking from the erudite yet succinct wall of quotation and general tirade against anything that isn't you. I tip my asshat to you sir.

Seriously though, what is your problem? While you view us from your holy perch are you there through never fucking up, and making 0 valuable mistakes to aid you in ascending? Did you learn to be who you are now from people who shat on you from a great height? Why?

Pete Carrol, by the way, actually joins groups/sects/covens, and he actually goes through initiations, and learns the shit that actually matters, rather than just talking about it to make you feel superior. Magick did not die Crowley. Un-fig yourself and move on.

What makes an adept and balanced magician, in my humble opinion, is an open soul with a healthy sense of self. We put up walls to defend us, not keep the world out.
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Anton LaVey was a legitimate practitioner of the occult science. To his own personal colleagues he also admitted belief in a primordial satanic entity that permeated all of reality and despite his public mindgames he is definitely the consummate (political even) sorcerer.

You could -neeeeever- do better than he did.

I've managed to replicate the a smaller degree of the same hysteria he induced in the masses.

I tip my asshat as well.
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Well, to be fair, Om, Anton LaVey was an adeistic pantheist in his own life, but his philosophy is atheistic panhumanist.
He specifically chose the name "Satanism" over "Humanism" as a marketing technique, and as a reflection of his dissatisfaction with the Judeo-Christian influences on his early life from his Minister Father.

However, I would agree that he's among the greatest Sorcerers of Marketing that our time has seen.
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I like the idea of True Will....

In my experience there is definitely a flow which with you must go, but you get to choose how you go.

There is something to be said against creating a sigil to win the lottery and then never buying a ticket

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