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Magick & Mayhem Any and all magickal or occult topics (that don't have their own specific forum). This is not limited to: tarot, alchemy, Hermeticism, astrology, Aldous Huxley, H.P. Lovecraft, crystals, C.G. Jung, Kenneth Anger, Anton LaVey, Robert Anton Wilson, Carlos Castaneda, geomancy, and Ouija boards.

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Default All views are welcome in a forum

I understand NOT everything stated is true, not every testimonial is true but lots of info IS true! Aspartame, for instance, is not the healthiest product put on the market... I was told by acquaintances it actually stays in the body forever!

HIV appeared in gay communities in American and in African communities during the same period. That leads to questionning...

Many gay people that received a vaccine from the New York Blood Center became HIV positive... I don't see anything nutty in being interested in such analysis, giving it some credence and even believing it!

Heck! Some people believe in Christianity. Some, in Islam. Some in Judaism. Does that mean all those religions are 100% true? No, since they all contradict one another. But all of those people have a right to believe in those religions. It doesn't make them nutty or anything!

Can it be easily proven which one of these religions is 100% true or better than the others? No! But it ain't nutty to adhere to any one of them!

So why the Hell would it be so weird and nutty to believe in what Vatican itself confirmed happen in the Church (an acquaintance I have in the Church told me the Vatican confirmed Satanism happen/ed in the Church, as well as Father Gabriele Amorth),

analysis made by doctors, researchers, specialists, journalists, and even give some credence to conspiracy theories, especially when good points are made, solid arguments are given etc.???

Conspiracy theories can't be proven at 100%? Well... The absolute veracity of religions such as Christinanity, Islam and Judaism can't be proven neither!

As I said, Christinanity, Islam and Judaism can't ALL be right at 100% because they all contradict one another on who is the Messiah or the Ultimate Prophet, rules, doctrines, dogmas etc.

And there are many other religions and faiths too... If it's okay for someone to adhere to Christinanity, Islam and Judaism that can't be proven at 100% to be true, that can't all be true at 100%,

it's just as okay for anyone to believe in or give some credence to any official statement, analysis or even conspiracy theory that can't be proven at 100% to be true! Makes sense!

I was on some occasions told to let go of this or that, focus more on other things etc. And when I find something new that passionates me, study and discuss it, it is such a problem too???

A discussion forum is made to make points and discuss them. Not to make personal judgements over what anyone believes like comparing them to a supposedly clinically crazy acquaintance, criticizing the poster's mental health and taking such offence and resorting to foul language when an appropriate reply is given.

I choose to believe in or give some credence to an analyst like Michael McClellan or somebody else. So what?! Big deal?! If anybody has too much of a problem with what I say, they can choose not to reply.

I have nothing else to say at this point.
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