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Magick & Mayhem Any and all magickal or occult topics (that don't have their own specific forum). This is not limited to: tarot, alchemy, Hermeticism, astrology, Aldous Huxley, H.P. Lovecraft, crystals, C.G. Jung, Kenneth Anger, Anton LaVey, Robert Anton Wilson, Carlos Castaneda, geomancy, and Ouija boards.

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Default What people hate to know

Not the wrinkles zits or bad breath, MASS DESTRUCTION. Friends into memories, places you liked GONE.
Well I have over 30 years got so good at this strain of Mundane Astrology that it can be shared not so much as research but very close to an application.
I do publish at a website; www.groups.yahoo.com/group/interstellarrescue
free joinup and you can download data files and make your own predictions up to year 3003.
Now the method; well you see the News. Whatever happened make some notes about it. Where, when, what, how big, how many killed.
Save the notes and combine it with an Aspectarian for the time.
Confidence and mistakes happen together for five years or so, one item to practice saying aloud that is hard to utter is "WHAT I PREDICTED AND WHAT HAPPENED ARE DIFFERENT THIS TIME I AM STILL LEARNING IT".
Five years on and you will be UNCANNY. Some items happen up to six days early and some happen up to ten days late. Big events involve massive amounts of energy and like motors that take time to rev up and to slow down, they don't reach full power when the button is pushed. Coincidence to one day is impressive but you learn to live with something like a week skew wif, but the precursories are a slightly shorter tail than the successories and this might relate to the wake of the Earth in its motion through the Solar System.
THIS IS HARD DISCIPLINE FOR THE ADEPT. You know when people will die and find out they WON'T LISTEN TO YOU. You find people who DO LISTEN but are REMOVED FROM THEIR JOBS AFTERWARDS.
Finally, you start having a lot more respect for Orders such as the Masons and the Rosicrucians. The future is not impossible to predict and with practice you can attain skill. What gets very hard to do is apply the knowledge as people lack the discipline and there is not one really effective organization to cope with predicted emergencies. I don't know how to set it going but we need to look at setting up a Vizierial Priesthood to manage the future and give the nasty warning out and try to save the lives that are at risk. This could give world power for thousands of years. Put it another way, a bonanza of clerical labour opportunities to fuss about with predictions and warnings and relief plannings and advice to Insurance companies. I think 40% of victims to be can be walked out alive with some fine tuning. Anyway this goes way past the United Nations and enters an informed phase of contingency planning.
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Default your group quakestars

Ive just joined your interestingly looking group quakestars
Looking forward to reading and making posts on it
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can you give more details?

Liceat videre tenebras, ut luce perfusa
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Thumbs up Danger

I am a Uranian person so danger fills me with glee. I like it when war breaks out. I predict earthquakes volcanic eruptions floods fires explosions and to my total surprise people welcome the prediction I suppose knowledge gives a sense of being in control and importantly you want to know when it will all be over.

What people ought to hate is the abdication by Governments over Civil Defence. It costs less to build an atomic bomb than to build underground shelters and they need to be miles deep and self supporting for over ten years at the least.

Mutual Assured Destruction is the idea behind the so called Deterrence.

Both China and India are headed for Mars. North Korea looks MAD enough already and just you read about the nuclearization of the Indian military. There is another loophole extraterrestrials. Humans make a nice snack, are nice slaves, and nice pets. All three include a reason to keep humans non extinct. Welcome SURVIVAL.
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