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Post Salvia divinorum Reverse Tolerance is Real

For those not in the know tolerance is common with many entheogens whether holistic plant or synthetic drugs and eventually the effect on the psychonaut diminishes and she or he needs larger amounts of the particular substance or stronger concentrations to get the same effects i.e. reach altered states of consciousness/breakthrough. Reverse tolerance is the exact opposite and over time it takes less of the substance used and even less potent concentrations to experience altered states of consciousness/breakthrough.

There are a few reports of
Lady Salvia/Magic Mint/Sally D/Salvia divorum/Ska Maria Pastora/The Leaves of the Shepherdess exhibiting Reverse Tolerance and even the late Terrance McKenna spoke about that attribute during one of his discussions about that sacred plant. Well Someone Who Isn't Me (S.W.I.M.) is telling you to not believe it but know "Revers tolerance" is a legitimate phenomenon from working with that Plant Teacher Lady Salvia.

S.W.I.M. began working with Salvia a little over a year ago as a prerequisite for interacting with the Goetia Entities Shamanistic workings as outlined in pAmphAge's manual "So You Want To Be A Goetic Shaman". S.W.I.M. purchased the largest amount of highest quality organic Salavia that person could obtain and began working with that plant teacher to obtain breakthrough.

S.W.I.M. at first feared being jipped as nothing seemed to be happening via smoking plain Ska Maria Pastora with a glass spoon pipe but luckily that individual kept reading everything on
Lady Salvia available online and especially reading through this forum and a sure-fired method was recommended for guarantee altered states of consciousness/breakthrough. S.W.I.M. can confirm Bucket Bong method does work as pointed out in one of the Salvia discussion threads for usage.

At first S.W.I.M. needed to take two bong hits of Plain Sally D and each hit included a tiny pinch of concentrated Salvia extract (10X - 35X) to reach the levels 4 or level 5 for the Salvia divinorum experience rating scale. However, after about half a year S.W.I.M. observed that it only took one bong hit of Plain Ska Maria Pastora with a pinch of Salvia extract. Then S.W.I.M. observed almost a year later 2 bong hits of plain Magic Mint would get that individual to Levels 4 or 5. The reverse tolerance has lowered S.W.I.M. activation threshold so now only one bong hit of completely plain Ska Maria Pastora will bring that person to the 4th or 5th Level of the Sally D experience rating.

S.W.I.M. asked me to share this with y'all not as any form form of bragging but encouragement. Even if one believes that she or he is a so-called "Salvia hard-head" meaning it's very difficult for such persons to make a breakthrough, that just means those persons just have to up the dosage intake and possibly the concentration/extract/potency amount as S.W.I.M. to achieve the desired effects.

However, continue working frequetly with that plant teacher and such people will experience their threshold levels being lowered over time i.e. "reverse-tolerance" to the point where Completely Plain
Lady Salvia/Magic Mint/Sally D/Salvia divorum/Ska Maria Pastora/The Leaves of the Shepherdess will bring them into a Full Immersion Experience as Vividly Intense as the states experienced by psychonauts using potent Salvia extracts (10X - 60X) of Sally D.

Good Luck!!!!!

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