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Default Australia's Songlines and Dreaming/Dream-Time

Song lines are Sprawled across the Australian continent lies a network of invisible pathways known as 'Footprints of the Ancestors'. In the West you know them as ‘Song Lines’ and ‘Dream-Tracks’. They are part of Aboriginal creation which speak of legendary beings who wander the earth, singing out the name of everything that crossed their path - birds, animals, plants, rocks, waterholes - and so singing the world into existence.

Each tribe has their own songline, passed down by our ancestors. It is our responsibility to preserve these sacred chants and follow the laws and traditions contained within. We have a duty to protect our songlines, for an unsung territory eventually becomes a wasteland. If the songs are forgotten, the land itself will wither and die. By singing a landmarks creation song, the country will come to life and flourish with health and vigor.

A songline also acts as a map and compass. Providing we know the song, we can always find our way across country. A man on a "Walkabout" will always travel down one of his Songlines. If he were to stray from his dream-track, he would be trespassing on somebody else’s land. As long as he sticks to the track, he will always find people who share his Dreaming, from whom he can expect hospitality.

In theory, the whole of Australia can be read as a musical score (known as a song map). There is hardly a rock or creek in the country that cannot be sung. You can visualise Songlines as a labyrinth of epic stories, turning this way and that, in which every sacred site can be read in terms of its geology, function and legends associated with it.

Anywhere in the bush you can point to some feature of the landscape and ask an Aboriginal person, "What's the story there?" or "Who's that?" The chances are we'll answer "Kangaroo" or "Budgerigar" or "Jew Lizard", depending on which Ancestor who walked that way. 'And the distance between two such sites can be measured as a stretch of song.

From Blackfulla Revolution
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