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Default Burning spells

i am curious as to if it may be dangerous to burn a written spell, if i had made a mistake in writing it and wish to not keep it as i am a perfectionist. I am writing a spell for ritual magick, and i am trying to keep my final written spell scroll as neat and aesthetic as possible, more as a personal preference.
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I think burying it would be better. At a crossroads is traditional. Burning is more of a method to release magick, or in some cases punish a spirit if it's their sigil. As it's imperfect in your eyes, you would be releasing imperfect magick into the world, and though it's unlikely to cause any major issues, if you're that much of a perfectionist there's a possibility it could, and I'd hate to be that guy who told you "it will be fine" to watch you sprint into a minefield.

Burying it seems more appropriate, like a respectful end to an energy, finalizing it.

The other option would be to leave it out of sight long enough for you to stop thinking of it as magickal. When you see it as only a draft, dispose of it any way.
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