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Magick & Mayhem Any and all magickal or occult topics (that don't have their own specific forum). This is not limited to: tarot, alchemy, Hermeticism, astrology, Aldous Huxley, H.P. Lovecraft, crystals, C.G. Jung, Kenneth Anger, Anton LaVey, Robert Anton Wilson, Carlos Castaneda, geomancy, and Ouija boards.

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Default Whats really important

The magickal paradigm in my eyes is heading to a new direction. This schism from dogma categorize in a simple map what in my world is important, the only things magick should be focused to, thereby ensuring their everlasting flow into my life

Pussy, cashflow/material/home, lust and weed, revenge. I might add bodily fitness as another deity of mine. Tell me from a chaos magick perspective how these 4or 5 basic principals may be grouped according to my inclinations in autotheistic satanism.
I'm very bent on a paradigm of the self, going as far as to stay for practical purposes (a lot of schismatic power comes from this declaration) that there is nothing without or before the self. You are the center of all existence because you are perception of your own existence. Anything else doesn't matter when you're gone.
I suppose one might say this model might be used to find the keys and doors to this maze of your mind projected to the macrocosm (what would your mind be without the significance of the external world?). From a LaVeyan perspective a Satanist might paint a dante's inferno inspired artwork that shows the circles of hell according to his observed inclinations, this would ultimately be revered as a tapestry symbolically woven into the ideal flesh and blood derived from deeds and work.
Books on my mind: Uncle Ramsey's Little Book of Demons Paradigmal Pirate Any suggestions on direct magick
Its my opinion that the most powerful of my sorceries, or at least the most emotionally involved and reverent involved the interpretation of matter and living and desire as the only 'spirituality'; I was convinced also that somehow in the working of the flesh and material world the demons exist here, in the (falsely labeled) 'impure' 'shell' of existence; that is, the natural world and life all around us. My magick is simple direct magick with at most a candle and cheap botanica oils (I like those things...) , a bent to the psychological model of demonic entities (I see them more as currents than beings, at least this is my experience).
Meditation is a principal I also want to learn, this may turn into a pathworking instead of silence, to quiet the mind and therefore quiet the self. it would be attributed to the autotheistic side, NIHILISTIC extreme that there is nothing worthy of notice but the self in its silent, still, EXISTING material state.

An open mind is a fortress with its gates unguarded and open.

Doubt is the doorway from which the truth may pass through.

I'm a threshold or a mirror but I'm neither the object reflected nor the the two places between the threshold.
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