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Default Whats wrong with my meditation?

Good morning dear worshipers of ancient crafts!

Many (if not all) people say that meditation is one of the most important things when it comes to any kind of magick. Understanding that if you want to be a soldier you need to know some math as well even if you don't like it I started to practise my medi and since I'm in a dead end of some sort I'd like to get some advice from better ,,meditators".

I mostly meditate while lying as I never fall asleep while doing so and that's most comfortable as I can meditate before sleeping and so. I relax, I focus on breathing and I do a lot of stuff that seem quite irrelevant when it comes to idea of meditation. I can go to focus X (from Hemi Sync) when whole body is sleeping and I can't feel it, I can clear my mind and not think about anything and when I do, don't focus on it and just let it go. I gather different sorts of energy feeling it almost instantly, or create wibrations on my whole body. Yesterday out of boredom I've been pore-breathing Venus energy to the point when my head hurt as hell as I've overcharged myself, but well.. than what? I continue to have clear mind with body almost completly turned off and so I lie and lie and lie until I get really bored. What do I miss? Should I feel something like ,,oh thats quite nice and not boring at all" after an hour or what?
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Meditation in my opinion, especially when it comes to magick and spiritual development, is an exercise meant to develop discipline over your mind.

Once you are disciplined you use that skill to explore yourself, your ideas, your beliefs and the world around you. Meditation is a tool that you use on the path of development, but is not the path itself.

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