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Default Time Travel

Hi, I have another question.

I'm honestly only interested in the mind and all, but time travel has actually come as a side quest for me because things in my life have gotten and become haywire and have been doing lots of research since 2012 when I came across experiments that have changed my concept and definition of time.

I know that biblically, time travel exists. It's in the canon and in the apocryphal removed books like Enoch, which was a very enlightening book on ancient alchemy and modern science. I've also been reading up on the emerald tablets of thoth and the book of aquarius to come help me transmute the philosophers stone and create advancements and progression in thought and technology with the postulated concepts I've been working on since then.

I wanted to ask you people who have been in this area for a while. Is there a way to create and generate a lot of major passive sharp force to cut thru the fabric of space/time to be able to open up a portal wormhole to another temporal location in time to help create positive changes in reality?

Basically, I cut down thru other people's ideas of time, such as Hegel and Kant's foundational ideas and past Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and the Pre-Socratics, and all I've learned so far was the science and technology was far more advanced and simply sophisticated in ancient times before lost and/or destroyed by the great flood in the canon and Enoch.

I'm currently in the belief that there is no past or future, but just the present, as they're constructed human constructs to explain the temporal distance between both directional planes. Thoughts, ideas?
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The only way I know of is to view the akashic records.
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