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Beginner's Magick Forum This is a safe haven for magick and occult newbies. The rest of the forums may bite, but here Izabael will assist with beginner's questions on magick and demonology (daemonology).

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Default What kinds of things can be achieved with Magick ?

This is my first post here. I was drawn to this forum by my flow. I felt a strong intuition that this forum might be the place where I can get genuine information on magick, unlike those other places where only nonsense about satanic and demonic legends is spilled.

My interests include anything that has to do with truth realization, enlightenment, taoism and not-surprisingly well-being. I come from a background of Buddhism and Taoism. I don't like belief systems, I don't like hopes and fears so I tend to doubt reality on an hourly basis and progress through personal experiences rather than theoretical knowledge.

Magick, I think is a great way to advance in the relative realities and thus I started reading on it about 5-6 years ago. Wasn't very consistent since my first two books were The Kybalion and The Book of Abramelin which were unfortunately full of BS. A few years later I decided to approach Magick from an entirely different more universal perspective. After all truth is universal - it's not jewish or christian or italian or whatever.
My flow brought me the book called "Magic and Mystery In Tibet" by Alexandra-David Neel. Great book. That's when I became interested in the Tantric traditions and so on. Anyway enough with the introduction. I wanted to ask something...

The question is - What kinds of things can be achieved with Magick ? Now there is the Western Modern Magick which tends to be a practice of synchronicity with the relative reality and a way to manipulate balance. However I am not sure it can really result in wonderful miraculous experiences other than perfect well-being and security.

Now, I think that a for a world so complex like ours to exist in the first place, much more magick must exist than that of "bringing more luck into daily affairs". You catch my drift right ? Anyone interested in the Vajrayana buddhism tradition knows the story of Tilopa who ate a fish and then rejuvenated the fish and made it to fly. Frankly, that's what I understand by magick - miracles. Flying, mind-reading, teleportation, omnipotence, omniintelligence etc. Call me childish but I'd like to see something miraculous happen when magick is at hand Is it possible to possess such powers ?

"Vitam Impendere Vero"
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you can do pretty much anything if you do it right. ive achieved very strong results from small things before, more than enough to convince me of the potential to accomplish things through magical means. im currently working to turn what was a love spell (that worked, mind you) into a healing spell by altering the originals properties. find a method that works for you and you will be unlocking the secrets of the universe in no time

Liceat videre tenebras, ut luce perfusa
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