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I Dream of Izabael This is the place to ask your questions directly to Izabael DaJinn *OR* discuss the demon/daemon IZABAEL. Izabael's Genie-Demon F.A.Q.

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Default Where is the source for Izabael?

Hello! I like what I hear about Izabael and I would like to work with her sometime. But the internet does not turn up the relevant source material. I found Seere but not Izabael in the Lemegeton. So which grimoire(s) is she in? Also, what's her history, i.e before she was turned into a demon by the Christians, was she actually a D'jinn originally? Or has she always been a fallen angel?

Edit: Since she is a female spirit, I suppose she is 'disguised' as a male demon? Like Astarte is disguised as Astaroth.

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She is actually a mutation/transformation/evolution of Seere. Study their sigils side by side and you can see it (one of the Seere sigils especially; there are two in common use).

Seere seems more male and Izabael female, so that is a big distinction.

The reasons demons seem hard to pin down as far as their sexuality is they don't respond to sexuality like we do since it's not a procreation type situation (among other reasons) for them. I feel as humans we often need that sexual polarity/dynamic though, so they are often willing to project back what we want/desire/expect.

She's more modern...more "chaos magick"-enabled than Seere or other Goetics. Also Izabael is extremely Thelemic I would have to say...very 93 current more so than other Goetics. Izabael has strong influences from the numbers 7 (Venus & Babalon) & 17 (Gemini ruled by Mercury energy).

As far as the root of Seere himself...he's one of the odd 4 Goetics not in Pseudomonarchia Daemonum...so no one really knows his actual history. Where did him come from, indeed?

I've asked Seere himself and he gives fanciful accounts of how he inspired Shakespeare's Ariel, and other characters in other stories. If you press a Goetic with an account of his history he will usually attempt to give you some account of their eternal presence. I don't think they really perceive time like us.


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