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adar yawshab
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Originally Posted by nytek View Post
Please: share your experience?

I generally start with a yoga routine to put me in my zone before moving on to pranayama until I get to a point where if I were to get any higher I may get lost and lose focus. Once I'm about at this point I'm usually good to go.

I then sit with a tattva in front of me and allow my mind to go blank as i stare at it. I usually have the most success with tejas inside apas or akasha. after staring for a good 5 minutes the room and everything around the tattva begins to blacken so that all i see is the tattva. at this point the opposing colors begin flashing and/or vibrating. I try to keep the flashing going until it puts me into a trance and the image is completely imprinted in my minds eye.

now its as easy as closing my eyes holding on to the image, pulling it closer and closer until it gives way and I go through it. whats on the other side is a little more difficult to explain.

I've heard that these elemental planes are different for everyone. for some they are very definite and have form depending on which element. for me I have to will it into a sort of form and I'm still not sure about the importance of doing so. the initial realm(s) can only be explained as a sort of ocean of various sensations that compose aspects of experienced reality which that element represents. tejas inside apas is a steemy formless place with the sensation of built up pressure.

I haven't yet explored any further than that. I can however tell you that these are incredible tools for understanding how the elements combine to create your experienced reality as a whole. that we are bundles of feelings and states of matter and spirit.
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In case it helps, I found a word of power in Dragon Rouge's literature that is supposed to remove any internal/personal blockages which prevent astral projection: "TORZODU."

Essays on Demonolatry, Vampyrism, Hebdomadry, Meditation, and more.
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Default Lucid Dreaming

I've never successfully done astral projection, but I can lucid dream like there's no tomorrow, do you think I can use that as a basis for astral projection? It's something I've wanted to get into for a long time but never knew where to start.

[UPDATE] Last night I made a successful (albeit intense) attempt at astral projection. After entering my dream, I willed a gateway into the astral plane to open, I then proceeded through. I do not know where I was, only that the environment was barren, even stripped of any color (It was empty and white everywhere), after I continued on I was faced with two (I'm assuming) spirits which attacked me immediately, luckily I was prepared for a fight after reading on this thread earlier that night. After the fight I headed back and was chased down by a larger entity, I didn't want to find out what would happen if it went into the gate that lead to my lucid dream, so I closed it (and sadly didn't make it back in time before it closed), I fended off the new aggressor and reopened the gate, promptly shutting it behind me. Does anyone have any insight to this experience? I am still new to all this and any bit of knowledge helps.

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