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Default INVITATION___(research and practicing group)


I am looking to gather a group of people who are interested in occult/magickal research and practices.


The idea is to create a group/order/team/organisation (call it however you want) in order to research, practice and advance in the fields of the occult and magick and “paranormal”.
Meet in person, have discussions, make plans, do research, practice, experiment, exchange knowledge and practical techniques, and also create a related archive based on gathered information, experiments, studies and more.

If everything goes well, this might expand and we might get a permanent physical location to use as “headquarters” or “main office of operations” and get even more people involved with it.


Currently I am looking to find the people to start with and build the core. Later on we (the core) will reach out for even more people who are interested. There is no “Boss and members” mentality here. Everyone is equal and as useful.

No matter what is your background, gender, age, colour... and no matter if you are a beginner or a very experienced practitioner, everyone can apply. As long as you are passionate and commited.


Positions and examples of people we need:
-Think Tank : people for brainstorming on new ideas.
-Research department: people who will look out for more information, knowledge, evidence etc.
-Study group: people who will study in depth the ideas of think-tank and everything gathered by the research.
-Experiment department: people who will run experiments and studies based on the above.
-Authors: to create publications
-Artists: for illustrations and publications
and more. Positions will be created as this goes on.


To be part of the “physical” team and the core, you MUST live or be able to commute in Glasgow (UK).
To join as an online fellow member, you can be located anywhere in the world, and you will always be welcome to visit the physical location.

For now, to build the core, the most important is to be very serious about it, be able to commit and have passion about the subject. Ideally, would be a person from each position in the core, but not necessary.

To apply, send an e-mail to: vagantem_@hotmail.com and state the following.

Location (country-City):
Interested in:
Position (optional):
Background and Bio (few words about yourself, or as many as you want):


After you apply, I will review your application and contact you one by one. If you live or can commute to Glasgow, we will have a face to face meeting/interview and take it from there.
If you live far, we can have an online discussion, letters etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear back and receive many applications through the e-mail.

It is pity and a great shame that futile imagination is accepted as real magick, and that real magick is disregarded and dismissed as imagination.
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