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Default New Me.

It's very difficult in this world, first we are told it is, then we are told it isn't, everything we thought it wasn't turns out to be it was.

We are never awakened, it is an awakening process, we keep learning new things and sometimes it can be quite traumatic, because one feels so isolated and alone with the knowledge, it is a heavy burden to bare. Of course it is better to know than not to know but its not easy knowing either.

There is of course duality in this world we live in, not everyone feels the same way or has the same intentions, this only makes things harder.

It has been a difficult path for me, it's very difficult knowing how to attain justice when a wrong is done to you when there seems to be no justice in this world for such a thing to occur in the first instance.

You feel like being abusive back, they deserve it, sure, but you don't deserve doing it to yourself, you have to be better than them, don't become them. Your level is untouchable.

Then, they keep arguing but without showing you respect and you feel drawn to argue back to justify your belief, but its not necessary, you have nothing to justify to them, they are the ones in need of justification to their own selves. Ignore them completely, a person who doesn't show you respect, does not deserve a response, no matter what, this comes above anything else.

Just stick to your topic, add more things to it as you go along and ignore the haters, be happy that you can make people hate you so effortlessly for all of the right reasons.

And don't ever feel bad if you do something wrong in life and it wasn't your intention, ignore those hypocritical people.

I hope this helps someone from a similar position to myself and I look forward to posting more content than ever before from the new me.
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