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Magick & Mayhem Any and all magickal or occult topics (that don't have their own specific forum). This is not limited to: tarot, alchemy, Hermeticism, astrology, Aldous Huxley, H.P. Lovecraft, crystals, C.G. Jung, Kenneth Anger, Anton LaVey, Robert Anton Wilson, Carlos Castaneda, geomancy, and Ouija boards.

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Default Fear conditions timing, caution, lethal timing.

In my experience, and all my struggles, I've noticed fear to be a force of transmutation which conditions one to be cautious, careful, and deliver venomous strikes while at the same time practically making you invincible with god luck.
When all of time and space becomes an interlocked weaving of webs which penetrates the stars, constricts the atmospheres of planets and connects the entire universe in a vast, cosmos-spanning web of infinitely sticky silk which suffocates all life and inhibits all celestial travel; when entire galaxies disappear into a vast fanged maw and the superclusters themselves become digested into the never-ending complex of a vast quantum arachnid, than there will be a big enough spider for me.
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Have you ever heard....

"paranoia will destroya!" ?

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