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Magick rituals, guides, and lessons A place to post rituals, guides, lessons, and FAQs, by me and anyone else who wants to contribute and start their own threads. Experts in any area of magick are welcome.

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Default My brief guide on godforms and ritual simplicities

Greetings everyone!
Tis not that important to write about myself, yet as it is my first post a few words seem like a fair idea.
Since I was like 15 I was always pulled towards stuff of which existance other people don't even know or highly doubt it. I've always been a self-learner, playing with things from astral projections, oobe, Hemi Sync and Lucid dreams to Chaos magick and similar things that follows.

That'll be a brief kind-of-advise to beginners, as without someone to tell us how some things work it seems like blind walking, and who's got time for that?

Godforms than. I like them, one especially. Godforms seem like a beings which existance even a doubtful person can accept. When someone prays or meditate some energy is created right? Everyone shall agree. When millions of people used to pray or meditate towards some intity such amounts of energy were created that even if they god didn't exist before, they've created him!

First thing I took as granted was that godforms are good guys. No stress is required nor super heavy preparations. Even guy like Ares was just a god that followed the Art of War, which is a beautiful art in theory, right? He wasn't like ,,I want to kill everybody and everything, roar!".

Thing I've noticed - no matter what kind of /gods/ they used to be, now they miss admirations, they are willing to help and they does not want to be forgotten. They won't be willing to harm you, they just want to be remembered.

While trying to communicate with godforms, there usually is a problem of how to do that. Here is the thing - power of a succesful sorcerer lies within him, his focus, power and will. You don't need fancy temples, sigils, circles and invocations, all you need is you!

I've learned that most of those things are there not for the effect itself, but to make you feel the way you think you should feel to achieve the effect! Truth is, your will is the key, not some stiff rules. Old invocation may have the same value as your own well chosen words. Complicated circles are of same value as simple circle that have some meaning to you. It's about the way you feel insinde and means you need to achieve that state.

I wrote that down as in many cases like Goetia for example, there are tons of preparations, pre-preparations, invocations, banishings, magic copper/silver rings, amulets, robes, temples and so and so, making it enormously hard to do. It may make the outcome effect stronger, but most of it is definately not a must-do! Jason Miller described some Goetia summoning in one of his books many years later and it was 10% of original content! Seal on paper, basic circle, invocation, banishing and YOUR WILL. Sure, the more-the-merrier but more simple things may work as well as long as you have all that is required within you!

Ending the chit-chat, here's my first godform attempt with absolutly no knowlege and Aphrodite.

I was always a very /loving/ person, I'm a poet and a very romantic person so when I met my first real love I was like.. you know. After two years and some childish events she decided to broke up. We've got to a dead end, point where she told me to ,,Get the F*ck out of her life". She stopped answering my messages, she found a new guy and so we cut off any contact.

I was devastated, desperated and so. Month later I decided to try to speak with my Aphrodite friend, she was already in happy relationship. It was like 1am, night. I took a few candles, a glass of beer, some cake, circle made of our photos together and I sat down.

Note: Today I belieave that such photos circle had much more power than any other would. Candles? For the mood and moment to feel special. Beer? It had no value unless I told her that now I drink it to honor your name and for you to live long and prosper, and that made it special and /working/.

While sitting, I started to talk to her like to a friend. As a poet I've never had any problems with beautiful words so that was quite a special monologue. Talking about how much I needed /her/ and so, even using tricky sentences like ,,Together we had such a rare kind of love that you've once created, Aphrodite. Please give us a chance so that you'll be able to set gaze upon such beautiful love, knowing that it came back to life because of you!". Filled with emotions and being honest I started crying and farewelled her.

One hour later I got a phonecall (2/2.30am). Twas her. Trying to stop crying for a single moment she told me that she does not know what happened. She said that /they/ were at a party and suddenly she felt that she loves me, needs me, and must see me now. I've walked for 5-6kms still not knowing whats going on, but she was there. She started apologising, crying and even begging me to come back to her.

Is there anything to say? I'm more than proud to admit every single time that it really happened, without any confabulations.

So go get your goals and remember, that most physical things are just an additions to help you, but the true power lies within you!
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Djinn and juice
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Very interesting, and very impressive results, congratulations. Do you believe that all gods are created through collective focused energy, or just some?
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A deep subject, and I believe my knowlege is not good enough to answer such. It makes sense thou why gods /created/ for specific /tasks/ are much more helpful. You can't throw everything in one bag, so one person prays for cure and a doctor prays for more sick patients. I am no wise man, just a guy who likes parties and interesting people, so I base on results I get without reaching further than I need, worked well so far.
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What fun to hear hope you live happily together just this kind I needed . But are too cowardly
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Originally Posted by Sarii View Post
What fun to hear hope you live happily together (
Sure we did, for a whole another year xD Twas worth every second thou
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aphrodite, godforms, summoning

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