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Default Just started to practice Thelema, advice needed

Hi Everyone,

this is my first time in the forums and I would like to say what a brilliant site and hello to everyone.
I have recently begun to actually practise the rituals of Thelema rather that just read about them.
I would like anyones advice about this as you can imagine I am a bit confused lol
What rituals would you recommend I begin with, obviously i thought the star ruby and the star sapphire. After this what ones should I move on to.
How often should you do the star ruby and the star saphire, is it everday or is it like a banishing before other rituals.
I have seen different versions of these rituals with slight differences, is it possible to personalise them in some way to make them mor powerful.
I hope you can help

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
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