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Default Scientific Evidence that Spirits, Fae, Daemons, Angels etc Aren't Just Mental Aspects

Aleister Crowley has done immerse service to the Western Occult Tradition by making public the teachings, and rituals of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which he was a member and that knowledge wasn't lost to us today.

However, one serious disservice that Crowley committed was in regards to the Goetia and the nature of spiritual entities. Crowley stated that they are merely portions of the brain i.e. personified aspects of one's own consciousness. That viewpoint goes against 99.9% spiritual traditions that have ever existed or currently exist today. Buddhism is possibly the only exception and I believe Crowley's understanding of Buddhist philosophy is what prompted him to make that statements that spiritual entities such as within the Goetia are just parts of the brain.

"Modern science" is even indirectly showing the view of spiritual entities merely existing in our own head is incorrect. "Many Interacting Worlds” approach is completely different, as its name implies.” There are three main points to the MIW theory, according to the Griffith statement. First, that the universe we live in is just one of an unknown “gigantic” number of worlds, some of which are “almost identical to ours,” but most are “very different.” Second, all of the worlds are “equally real,” existing continuously through time with precisely defined properties.Third, quantum phenomena arise from “a universal force of repulsion between ‘nearby’ (i.e. similar) worlds, which tends to make them more dissimilar.”“ All quantum effects arise from, and only from, the interaction between worlds,“ the physicists explained in their abstract. Hall said the radical new theory may even create the extraordinary possibility of testing for the existence of other worlds." https://www.rt.com/usa/202255-many-i...tum-mechanics/

In more plain English the denizens of the Goetia, daemons and angles, and other spiritual entities like Fae, Ghosts, Goddesses, Gods, etc. are just as likely to be real within a parallel universe right next to our universe or better stated they exists within a slightly different dimensional frequency then our own universe. Hence shamanic journeying, astral projection, and lucid dreaming techniques to travel to those entities realm where they are just as "real" as we are to one another within the Earth-realm aka physical reality.
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I believe some Entities are real, others are not. I do wonder if the Demons of the Goetia are real, as I have not worked with them yet.

I do believe in various unseen forces/entities. That there is a reality that is superimposed on this one(our 4D reality construct), but transparent. Sort of analogous as to how various forms of Energy(fundamental forces) exist all around us that we are oblivious to.

I believe that interaction with some of these entities is dependent on certain modes of consciousness, such as the Shadow Person Phenomena. Also other macrocosmic phenomena that is dependent on the microcosmic aspect. You know, as below, so above in this case. Or as within, so without. The two affecting one another through some sort of frequency manipulation, or similar.

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