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Arrow Faery and the Djinn

Hi Izabael,

Very pleasant place you have here. I seriously love the photos on your home-page.

I have a perhaps mundane question....what is the relationship between the genies/djinn and the fairies? I have been taking a lot of interest in early modern witchcraft lately, and was reading Emma Wilby's book "Cunning Folk' stressing that dealing with fairies was as common as dealing with demons, and that the fairy-form was probably the elder....

I was discussing this with a close relative who happens to be a Muslim convert and he remarked that the "fairies" to him sounded very much like the djinn. However the European fairies were often thought of as in some sense spirits of the dead, while I don't think the djinn have ever been seen as such.

Is there any remark you wish to make on that?

Best, Jeremy
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Izabael DaJinn
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Thank you Jeremy for your compliments. I hope you don't mind I moved your post to its own topic since it's a really good question! It's a question that I have no answers on, but you have fascinated me enough I am going to start looking into the connection myself between djinn/genie/demons and faires/faery.

Hopefully someone else here will have some comments too


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You may be interested in the work of R.J Stewart. His older work in particular dealt extensively with Faerie and the Celtic Underworld. His initial training was in western esoterics, related in some way to William Gray, IIRC.

Although I've never seen him mention djinn, he has stated the the Faerie realms and inhabitants are tied to the geographical land, so it would follow that middle eastern beings would be different than celtic/european beings.

His tradition postulates different types of beings with the inner worlds, including ancestors and people who have transitioned to those realms. He considers them distinct from Faerie, but part of working with Faerie.

Please note that although I'm a fan, I haven't done much practical work with his material, and I don't have any of his information in front of me-so any misunderstandings are mine.

Best Regards,
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djinn, faery, fairies, genie

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