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Beginner's Magick Forum This is a safe haven for magick and occult newbies. The rest of the forums may bite, but here Izabael will assist with beginner's questions on magick and demonology (daemonology).

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Originally Posted by Djinn and juice View Post
The best book I found is 'The Magick Book' from the link at the top of the forum and its quite cheap too. It had everything I could have ever wished for in it.

Some are indeed good and some are bad, just like humans.
Yes i belive this to demons are just entities, living consious beings
there is no reson wy they should all chose to be evil

Unfortiunatly i dont posses a credit card, and where i live its reeeeally hard to get one so i can't buy anything on the internet, i could only buy a physical copy.......if it exists

but thanks a lot anyway

Originally Posted by Djinn and juice View Post
Yeah, you're quite right, many of today's Demons are yesterdays Gods and Goddesses, or Nephlim. The reason why many people confuse them with demons is a passage from the Qur'an. When Allah created man he commanded the angels and the djinn to bow down before his new creation. Most obeyed but a number among the djinn, led by a powerful Ifrit named Iblis, refused, as they were sworn to only kneel before Allah as the creator God. For this Iblis was labeled the Shaytan, the accuser or the adversary, and he was sent to Earth until the day of judgement. On earth he's still in Gods grace, but his purpose is to test mankind, and their faith in God. Many of the djinn followed him, as they followed Lucifer in the bible, and some were corrupted by "demonic" powers, demonic meaning earthly pleasures.

Obviously you have to read between the lines here, it's a religious text designed to control above teaching the truth. Anything that is not with God is bad, only God is good... You get the picture. You'll see mirrors in the Qur'an, in the bible, and the Torah. Iblis is Lucifer, and in turn Lucifer is Prometheus of Greek legend, and you start to see how over time the truth has been manipulated to serve the people in power.

The Djinn being categorized as Demons, or Aliens is just another act of "Demonization" or if you will Alienation, to remove them so far from their true self in our consciousness, they're beyond recognition.

What kind of stuff are you wanting to read? Do you want stuff that will teach you how to summon, or just more background information?
Thanks for your info i did find it usefull

I would like to learn how to summon (as a mater of fact i was planing on summoning a succubus one day ) but i think i should first get some background information
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That sounds like a good idea to me. Study before you jump in and start evoking

I know you mentioned above that you can't get a credit card, but you have a bank ATM card? If so, set yourself up a Paypal account, and sign up here

I'm in the UK, and usually spend about 20 in credits every month or so. There's a lot of quality literature available for very reasonable prices, and it's constantly updated. There are also free copies of the classic Grimoires here

If you're "Demon friendly" you might want to search for authors involved in Demonolatry, rather than Demonolgy, S Connolly, J Thorp, and Ellen Purswell are all quite active writers.

Jake Stratton Kent is your man for the history of the entities, I also really like Stephen Skinner and David Rankine's stuff, I recently bought the Grimoire of St Cyprian from them, and it's a wonderful book.
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thanks a ton man i'll search those authors right away
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