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Wink Experiences supernatural and psychic phenomena

Hello everyone hope you'r all doing well,i made this thread with the intention that people post their experiences with the supernatural and psychic phenomena before you got into magick and now with the experience we have gained find an explanation to what happend.

So my experience starts when i was about 10 years old and my parents were dryving to my sister's home this was during the hollidays
on the road i had bottle of soda and my father had told me not to drink wile he was driving or i could spill it in the car so i had to wait for a red light to take a sip,since no red lights were shoing up in traffic and i was kind of thristy i dont know why but i just lifted my arm pointing twords a traffic light thinking "i'm gona change the green light to red" then i snapped my fingers and it DID i changed the traffic light's color, i continued to do this until we got to my sisters home but it was quite a long drive and i did it every single time when i whanted the light Green i changed it to Green when i whanted the light red i changed to red even my father was suprised and asked me if i could keep changing it to Green so we could get there faster but when i whanted to drink my soda i whas gona change it to red lol
Once we got to my sisters house i could't stop testing my "powers"
i then went and tried it on the christmas tree lights i noticed i could make them blink faster or slower wen i wanted them to unfortunatly they sudenly stoped working (probably my fault) and my sister whas like "what hapend to the lights" she got pissed at me and i got kind of sad and was never able to do that again and i don't know why

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