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Default Time Travel Spell

Ok everyone, anyone who knows anything about time travel spells, throw them on here. Give me everything you have from post modern science and ancient technology. Go!
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What is time?

I'd argue you're "time traveling" right now.

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Movement. But I'm interested in the opposite direction.
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Default Singular Concentration

It's an interesting notation, if we take into mind what we want to learn and why we keep the thought in itself the same as we study our nicÚ. Unfortunately, I'll have to be the one to tell you about the unreality that you seek too accomplish. In order to traverse through the dimensional space and time spectrum you have to understand a lot about the basic compositions around momentum and fractionation. These techniques are only learned by those that are considered the strongest, which also means a certain intellectual understanding too enlightenment. You can reflect this upon most and all forms too high magic, which are transcribed to those suitable.

I would advice that thy seeks a solid understanding in order to progress and commune in and around hermetic ritual behaviour and magick. It's a smooth transition into enlightenment and keeps you interest to movement and momentum alive.

~ #Bardock
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Default This may be relevant

I'm not sure if this is quite what you're looking for but I heard about some Chaos Magicians a few years back who were looking into a way to shift perceived time to others, making some experience time slower and some experience it faster. I know it isn't "time travel" but it may be worth looking into.
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