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Default Hearing Voices

So I was recommended to evoke Izabael to help me with court cases to be dismissed and bringing a lover back.

Earlier today, I cast a hot foot spell to get rid of the people persecuting me as well as get rid of my woman's "boyfriend."

Last night, I heard a voice say my girl's name in a whisper tone.

Earlier today, as I lay in bed, waiting for jobs to come in, I heard a voice say: what's wrong? And ended up coming to explain what's been going on with my life.

Granted, I'm glad and blessed I am a Christian and believe in God, and have been in deep meditation and study the past couple of years to get out of these problems, and have gotten into praying in tongues and seeking the Lord's face, righteousness and kingdom with all my heart and giving him praise, glory, honor and worship in hopes he hears me, heals my land and sets me free from all these troubles, heals me of my anxiety and depression, lack of money and all the curses that came upon me over the years.

In anycase, I wanted to come and share what's up and see what the rest of the populace thought.
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Well... besides this ,,god is so cool" stuff it seemed quite fun, I like the phrase ,,my woman's boyfriend" especially As for any kind of voices hearing there are two explanations - scientists say its a part of sleep paralysis when it's hard to determine whether it's real or not, other school say these are simply some astral beings which feed on emotion. Maybe twas simply your mind trying to help you while you desperatly demanded hard results? As for astral assholes, my ex gf was attacked by one many years ago just before going to sleep, she was terrified as hell, and more terrified she was, happier was the spectre. Enough to say that since then she was being attacked at least once a week for about a year. Goodnight!
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Hypnagogic hallucination, or that time between asleep and awake, and you're slightly more conscious of the subconscious and/or spirit communication, depending on who you ask.

Was it meaningful? Did you feel better after offloading your woes? I'd look more to how significant it was to you rather than the source of it.

I get these voices often around the time before I start to fall asleep, and I'm training myself to stay in that state longer, I believe it's the opening of my astral senses, and I can see a little too, despite being aware I am asleep physically, and my eyes are shut.
Most times I get snippets of conversations going on about me, rather than something engaging in conversation with me, and I know this is between my guys. They do occasionally give me messages, I remember one time I was going through a rough a patch, my Shadow man told me "you mope too much!"
You have to love that inter-dimensional sense of humor
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