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Default "Mamalu o Wahine" (Women’s Mushroom) Causes Orgasms in Women

Mamalu o Wahine aka The Stinkhorn Mushroom is an fugus indigenous to Hawaii know to cause orgasms within women that smell that mushroom.

"In the Hawaiian Islands, the high islands of Polynesia, the islands of Samoa,Tahiti, Rarotonga, and the Marquesas. They speak of a mushroom with peculiar properties; giving rise to tales of women who encounter this mushroom in the forest and fall into-ecstatic sexual fits of orgasmic proportion. Mamalo o Wahine, the mushroom that makes women go mad with desire! Only when the gods are pleased will they bring forth this magical plant, and only if a woman leads a good and virtuous life will the gods reward her with this special treat just
for her pleasure. Or so the legend goes…" https://canmushroomssavetheplanet.wo...horn-mushroom/

An actually study was conducted by International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms and they tested to mushrooms and indeed the scent trigger orgasms within the majority of women that smelled that mushroom's scent. The study can be read/download here. http://www.dl.begellhouse.com/journa...21c9f3802.html

Anyone visiting or living in Hawaii may be interested in finding these mushrooms and cultivating them for making alchemist tinctures for the pheromone effects and you best believe next time I'm in Hawaii I will be seeking out Mamalu o Wahine for such purposes.
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