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Default Lucid Dreaming

I've never successfully done astral projection, but I can lucid dream like there's no tomorrow, do you think I can use that as a basis for astral projection? It's something I've wanted to get into for a long time but never knew where to start.

[UPDATE] Last night I made a successful (albeit intense) attempt at astral projection. After entering my dream, I willed a gateway into the astral plane to open, I then proceeded through. I do not know where I was, only that the environment was barren, even stripped of any color (It was empty and white everywhere), after I continued on I was faced with two (I'm assuming) spirits which attacked me immediately, luckily I was prepared for a fight after reading on this thread earlier that night. After the fight I headed back and was chased down by a larger entity, I didn't want to find out what would happen if it went into the gate that lead to my lucid dream, so I closed it (and sadly didn't make it back in time before it closed), I fended off the new aggressor and reopened the gate, promptly shutting it behind me. Does anyone have any insight to this experience? I am still new to all this and any bit of knowledge helps.

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