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Default Marvelously helpful reply, thanks again

I'd forgotten, for example, that in the PGM the combined name Hermekate actually appears.
I'd heard that but can't recall more about it. Of course there is also the frog headed Heka of the Egyptians who reigns over what I think we could call psionics today. That is an interesting association to note. Likewise Tahuti was the messenger of the Gods in Ancient Kemet, and is today relevant the same. That said Tahuti... scribe... grammar... grimoire... spelling... "spells".... Again that link to certain things Hekatean by virtue of magick.

As a teacher of magick and initiatrix
You really should evoke Martal from Kingdoms of Flame and ask for initiation and ascension. You can also call on Sakatos to clear away obstacles to said path. A bit off topic, but partially on the subject.

I seldom forget to call on Her to empower my workings.
I've been in need to reconnect until lately.

Regarding Smith's book Queen of Hell (that is a stunning ikon of Hekate, isn't it)

Smith indicates the necessity of being initiated by Hekate Herself before one can withstand the energies and entities of the Nightside (not Smith's term).
You can invoke her to withstand or balance out energies that are intense. Dealing with her does raise your vibrational rate however reflexively and does make your "tolerance" higher.

The tolerance I speak of is like with Eurynomos. He has this purple LIGHT that glows about him. His essence feels like a sandblast or something that would threaten to easily take apart your being molecule by molecule. Being subjected to this high frequency you are exhausted after working with entities of such a severe frequency for a time until you acclimate. Hekate is better at acclimating you could say; user friendly.

Hekate seems to be leading me toward developing my powers of concentration
One of the main things necessary for magick is to be able to concentrate on one thing exclusively to all others; to obtain a gnostic trance of union on something. You're on the right path.

but has lately shown me a dark doorway opening, but holding me back from taking more than a few steps, for now.
Well you lust for experience and information through Hekate but such information has to be earned. Start by praying to her before your rituals for those things. Make her an offering of a glass of water and a tealight as you pray each time. A pack goes for $3 at Walgreens. With or without that it's been a few years and I'm still getting to know her.

I've not begun the praxes of Smith's book.
I've done some like invoking Lucifer/Michael and Hekate. Three of my favorites....

I didn't at all plan to, until that recent doorway vision: I'll be giving Queen of Hell serious consideration now (and prayer). Sadly I was broke when The Red King came out and now must get it used ASAP before the price skyrockets.
It'll be online soon. It's already exclusive on theoccult's PDF site but still posted. It's only a matter of time now before it leaks.

(An aside: he plans at some date to publish a Hekatean grimoire of his own: his course contains many of its future rituals --- I don't know whether he will also include more material on what he terms the Nightside Gnosis --- just an FYI.)
That would be pretty awesome. I think I heard about that but not enough to know what he implies to share. Either way it likely has some good ideas to help people start to make their own Hekate grimoires. Perhaps her plan in part? But towards what end I couldn't guess.

Do you personally have any favorite methods of what Chaotes call "Mind Control?" In the meantime I will begin acquiring or making the necessary tools.
Psychic Seduction by Joseph Plazo. I posted about doing this on the train once out of boredom and I really got a girl blushing while barely doing much at all. You would be surprised at what children know. Children ask sweetly for things and wait until parents are in a good mood before asking. Adults get frustrated and ram it down someone's throat harder and harder.

In some cases you can use arousal to weaken the will of another and overpower it with your own suggestions or intents they will look more favorably upon. The things you do and say are automatically associated with good feelings and thus hypnotically what you say triggers a good response that is taken well. There are more advanced things but when I finally write a book I will put stuff like that in it. I know in many other cases arousal won't be an option and effecting the etheric body can be done other ways as well.

Few words, nytek, but golden ones. No flattery, just truth.

I would want to tip my hat and nod in acknowledgement of your own. It's a pleasure to help and especially when I get to do stuff related to Hekate.

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