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Originally Posted by Vortigern View Post
Now thanks to you, nytek, I can continue to expand this minimalistic rite with the info you provide.
You're welcome.

I also want to construct an icon (no, an idol, why mince words) and incorporate various herbs, waters, zoological materials, dirts that I deem resonate with Hekate according to sympathetic magick, using Jake Stratton-Kent's True Grimoire and Geosophia as my main source books, 777 and Skinner Magician's Tables also.
That would be a good idea I'm sure.

Hekate is not good or evil, in my humble experience (in Her presence, humility seems no shame to me), or rather She's both/and.
Like Michael and Lucifer, there are many sides to Hekate as well.

All that said, She manifests to me more scarily than to many Pagan devotees and witches, and --- I speak from my imperfect vision only ---
I get the mother form usually which looks somewhat like a middle aged raven haired woman with a green aura.

She seems to steer me to the "dark arts". I don't mean evil, I just mean works that have a dark reputation but can be used for any purpose, like necromancy --- or evocation.
I suppose as the female Lucifer, shining light into the darkness, she is redeeming those things you see as dark and making light from them.

do not experience Her as a Crone, however, but as a beautiful maiden like in Greek art and poetry. Sometimes she may have scales, or be covered with snakes, but She's always Most Beautiful despite that, one of Her epithets.
For more dire things you may get her as a crone by a cauldron. I do get the beautiful maiden form as well at times but I can't recall when specifically.

The mother is most common for me and this is how I see her (similarly) as seen in Mark Alan Smith's book on Her:

Years ago She was almost the first Deity I prayed to, and She showed up in spades.
Part of the mercurial nature of Hekate is seen in how fast she typically appears.

But I have a suspicion I've been a disappointing student of late.
We all disappoint the Gods. To do otherwise would be inhumanly perfect conduct. It is idealism to think you can avoid learning from your mistakes especially with an entity like Hekate when we are ready to learn something.

but so far not much magick.
"Call on me before all your workings", sayeth Hekate. This will help add power to the work at hand.

Also ask daily for proficiency and to rearrange the future such that it comes to you through the people, objects, places, and events necessary for your satisfaction at the least. Dee prayed to God for wisdom. Do the same here.

I would ask her for the knowledge and the experience necessary to build your faith in your abilities.

Meanwhile, I need warmer, more intimate, more Solar Spiritual companionship and help
Lucifer. Works well with Hekate. Better than you know. Lucifer is the Jesus of the LHP. Jesus is course representative of the solar mysteries of rebirth on the RHP, along with the juggernaut of the abyss the Holy Guardian Angel. Lucifer and Hekate are like the God and Goddess of witchcraft; Emperor of Hell and the Queen of the Universe.

[EDIT: nytek---I forgot to ask: why the Mercury camea? I'd've guessed Lunar or Saturnine.]
In many cultures there are specific Gate Keepers such as Mananan Mac Lir of the Celts; Heimdall of the Norse; Hermes of the Greeks; Hekate of the Thracians; Ganesh of the Hindu; and so on just to name a few examples. Hekate is also linked to the serpent (think "cadecus") in the form of symbolizing rebirth & wisdom. Persephone, Hecate and Hermes/Mercury are Psychopomps. They help guide the dead to their final afterlife or resting place. Hekate is also linked to the moon.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


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