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Default Thanks for the Rite: plus, some Hekate enthusiasm

I've been offering blood to Hekate for quite a while now, usually one night after the New Moon, when the ancient Greeks offered Hekate's Supper at crossroads. I do that too. I offer blood more often when I begin to feel disconnected from Her (though intense devotional prayer works just as well), always just few drops on a candle. After offering the supper (eyes averted after I'm done making any praise and petitions), I go back home to Her altar to offer the blood and to invoke her. Jason Miller at has a fantastic Invocation of Hekate that I use. Also I use one of the banishings or Zone Rites he teaches privately. Now thanks to you, nytek, I can continue to expand this minimalistic rite with the info you provide. I also want to construct an icon (no, an idol, why mince words) and incorporate various herbs, waters, zoological materials, dirts that I deem resonate with Hekate according to sympathetic magick, using Jake Stratton-Kent's True Grimoire and Geosophia as my main source books, 777 and Skinner Magician's Tables also.

Izabael --- Hekate is not good or evil, in my humble experience (in Her presence, humility seems no shame to me), or rather She's both/and. The late Neo-Platonists, and Chaldean Oracles, deemed her the World Soul, Mother of the Gods, wife and equal of the First Father (usually called Zeus or Janus or, by the Oracles, Had). Virtue (strength) issues from one hip, souls and daimons originate from the other. She's also the World Tree, much like Asherah in Canaanite polytheism (who may have been the original inspiration for the Tree of Life). "Mighty in the Heavens, on Earth, and in Hell" Virgil wrote of Her. All that said, She manifests to me more scarily than to many Pagan devotees and witches, and --- I speak from my imperfect vision only --- She seems to steer me to the "dark arts". I don't mean evil, I just mean works that have a dark reputation but can be used for any purpose, like necromancy --- or evocation. I feel there's some kinds of more dire workings She wants certain people to do, but that's all hints and guesses. She certainly looks out for me --- usually --- when I need serious backup. But sometimes it's sink or swim --- sort of like some stern female sensei, who sometimes is supernally sweet and pleasant.

I do not experience Her as a Crone, however, but as a beautiful maiden like in Greek art and poetry. Sometimes she may have scales, or be covered with snakes, but She's always Most Beautiful despite that, one of Her epithets.

She is a protectress from Restless Spirits, vampiric Lamiai, curses, even Gods, but will also inflict them, or help inflict them. She protects the weak and the poor, being the Goddess of all that's cast off or cast out, but that often means punishing the victimizers or those maintaining the status quo. She has many aspects or faces (not just three). With different people, She's comfortable with celestial work, earthly work (I'm thinking Hoodoo style workings), and infernal work. She loves Hoodoo's Dark Arts oil and incense.

She's not called the Distant One for nothing. Even though I can feel Her presence strongly at Her altar my visions of Her are becoming more infrequent. Years ago She was almost the first Deity I prayed to, and She showed up in spades. But I have a suspicion I've been a disappointing student of late. I've learned tons about myself, Life, the Universe and Everything, from Her --- maybe preparatory --- but so far not much magick. I feel (and have received some confirmation from Spirits less difficult to contact) She wants me to reach a much higher level of Gnosis, seriously raise my vibration rate, consistently access the Soul and Mental and Causal planes --- please substitute your preferred terminology --- so that I can work the magicks (is that a word?) She desires to teach. She's very demanding, let's say.

I blather on so because I'm such a fan of Hers, I didn't plan the post this way, but I'm a hard-core devotee deep inside, an enthusiast. ---Maybe that's despite, or maybe because of Her enormous challenges.

I hope the above didn't come across as a lecture, didn't mean it that way at all, I'm no one to lecture anybody. I also don't mean to proselytize. I certainly have had no such intense experiences (intense!) with any other Deities or Spirits. Despite any valid experiences or gnosis, considering how very mediocre a student I seem to be --- by Her standards --- I don't feel I have anything to brag about. Rather, I must aim much higher, quiet the monkey mind much, much more. No idea why She chose me, really.

Meanwhile, I need warmer, more intimate, more Solar Spiritual companionship and help (not to mention someone less ... Cosmic), and if my first Izabael invocation was any clue she'll be happy to provide that and I'll be more than happy to provide her with the offerings she desires in return. I hope she can help me achieve the higher levels of Gnosis I require too. But she may try to steal my heart in the process, if she hasn't already. (I'm still feeling the glow of my first invocation.)

Anyway, I hope there was something worthwhile here. Again, nytek, thanks for the info. The experience and knowledge of both of you awes and inspires. It will be extremely and immediately useful.


[EDIT: nytek---I forgot to ask: why the Mercury camea? I'd've guessed Lunar or Saturnine.]

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