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Originally Posted by Izabael DaJinn View Post
If you are a complete n00b to magick, now is the time to get started.
For me, and perhaps for most others, the hard part is to finally put the book(s) down and DO something.

So, I am in the process of doing something.

It is odd how things are coming together for the working. I mean the type of working, the date, time, Moon phase and VoC and where it ends up after the VoC, the various other correspondences etc.

I'm just trying to find a decent "banishing" ritual that doesn't use hebrew words. They stick in my throat. I guess I'll make up my own.

For those that need the days/hours of the planets and moon phases, check out It is a handy little tool.

For moon Void of Course dates and times, I use
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