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Thanks, all. ceewayne, that looks like a lot of info . . .as luck would have it, I got the "Don't come Monday" spiel today at work so I'll have some time next week to look at it and give it a good workout. Thankyou. I've looked through the Star Ruby but haven't gotten as far as working through it. Not even contemplating it within the next few weeks!

Iza - LOL I know I'm obsessing Sorry - I'll get past this slowly. Tell you what - I'll shut up for a few weeks, work hard at it, then peep back in and hopefully be less obsessive (and obnoxious ). And what you say about clearing the temple is great - it's on the list of things to do. You'd think that one person living in a three-bedroom house would have enough room, right? Wrong . . . I'll give it time, as you say.

Xophier - that book sounds really interesting! Mind you, so did that weirded out stuff by Zechariah Sitchin . . . But I'll have a squiz!

Thanks again, everyone.
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